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Elden Ring: Talisman Pouch



Elden Ring: Talisman Pouch

In Elden Ring, to equip more talismans at the same time you need to have talisman pouches. You begin with 1 talisman pouch when you start the game but you can get the talisman pouches in the game which are a total of 3, making it a total of 4 talisman pouches. In this guide we tell you how to get all the Talisman pouches in the game so, you can equip more talismans and buff your stats up.

Talisman Pouches

The Talisman pouches increase the slots for equipping the talisman in the game.

1st talisman pouches

You’ll start with 1 talisman pouch so, at the beginning of the game, you can only equip 1 talisman.

2nd Talisman Pouch

When you defeat the first main boss of the game, which will be the Margit, the Fell Omen. You’ll get the 2nd Talisman pouch and then you can equip two talismans at a time. Margit can be found in the Stormveil Castle in Stormhill.

Elden Ring: Talisman Pouch

3rd Talisman Pouch

After you’ve defeated the two main bosses of the game, go to Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Site and you’ll get the 3rd talisman pouch and you can equip three talismans at the same time.

4th Talisman Pouch

The 4th Talisman pouch is dropped by Godfrey, First Elden Lord. He can be found at the Leyndell Capital and he would drop the last talisman pouch of the game which makes you equip four talismans at the same time.

These are all the talisman pouches in the game, hope this guide helped you in what you were looking for.

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