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Lost Ark: Unicorn Mount Twitch Drop



Lost Ark: Unicorn Mount Twitch Drop

Twitch is a streaming platform for gamers and other categories. Twitch collaborates with different games to give drops to the gamers of that particular game. Twitch has done many collaborations with different games like, Pubg, Rust, Valorant, etc and they have given multiple drops in those games as well. Now, Lost Ark is one of the most-watched games on twitch and twitch has noticed a large number of viewers of this game they collaborated with the game and started to give drops to the viewers of Lost Ark.

How to Get the twitch Drop

To get a Twitch Drop you need to link your steam account which has Lost Ark in it with your twitch account. You can do that by going to your twitch settings and you’ll see a Connections Tab, click it and under you’ll see different platforms like blizzard, Origin, steam, etc. Click connect right next to the steam logo and it will take you to the steam sig in page. Enter your steam credentials and your steam account will be linked with twitch.

Now go to Viewer Rewards and turn on the Drops for your twitch account and you’ll be notified when any twitch drop is enabled for a game. After that, you need to watch a streamer who is playing Lost Ark and he has enabled twitch drops for the viewer as well. You’ll see if he has enabled the drops, you need to watch that streamer for at least 2 hours or more to get the twitch drop for Lost Ark.

Unicorn Mount Twitch Drop

When you completed the requirement of twitch drop, you’ll be notified on your notifications and you can claim your twitch drops for Lost Ark. Then open the game and go into the Login Event Tab and you’ll see your twitch drop items there and you can claim it to use it in the game.

You’ll get a Medium Amethyst Shard and Unicorn Selection Box as a drop.

Unicorn Mount Twitch Drop

Select the checkboxes and claim the drops and Items will go into your inventory.

Unicorn Mount Colors

There are four colors to the Unicorn Mount:

  • Mount: Snow Cone
  • Mount: Pinky Cone
  • Mount: Aurora Cone
  • Mount: Black Cone
Lost Ark: Unicorn Mount Twitch Drop

You can select any 1 from these colors and you’ll get that Unicorn Mount.

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