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Elden Ring: Witch-Hunter Jerren Quest



Elden Ring: Witch-Hunter Jerren Quest

In Elden Ring, there are different NPCs that you can interact with and they’ll give you a task, if you complete the task, they’ll give you decent loot. Most of all the NPCs have a quest of their own that you can complete. It’s on you whether you want to do it or not because they are all side quests but do keep it in mind that you do get loot that is worth it.

In this guide, we tell you about an NPC that you can interact with and complete her quest to get the rewards.

Witch-Hunter Jerren Quest

Witch-Hunter Jerren can be found at the Redmane Castle in Caelid region.

Witch-Hunter Jerren Quest

After you’ve defeated General Radahn, go talk to Jerren and he will say something about a task that he needs to finish and he will meet you again if the fates design it.

Meeting Him Again

The next time you meet him that would be in the place of the sorcerer Sellen that has taught you sorcery and you also have done a side quest for her as well. Jerren will tell you that she was a witch and she has to die due to her wrongdoings and she was the most dangerous mage in Raya Lucaria’s Academy. Talk to him again and he will tell you that she might live somewhere else, in someone else’s body and she will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Raya Lucaria’s Academy

Go to the Raya Lucaria’s Academy library site of grace where you have fought the Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon.

Elden Ring: Witch-Hunter Jerren Quest

Now walk out of the gate of the Grand Library and you’ll find two options, Assist Sellen or Challenge Sellen.


To complete Jerren’s quest, you have to select the Challenge Sellen option. Choose to challenge Sellen and defeat her to complete the Jerren’s ques and you’ll get Rune Arc and Furl Calling Finger Remedy.

Then you will return to your world and you get the Sellen’s Bell Bearing and Witch’s Glintstone Crown.

Now go outside the gate of the Grand Library and Jerren will be standing on the right side, talk to him and he will give you an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

This will be all for the With-Hunter Jerren quest. If you have chosen to help Serren then you’ll get the Jerren armor as a reward.

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