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Elon Musk Reveals His Diablo IV In-Game Character Name



Elon Musk Reveals His Diablo IV In-Game Character Name

Diablo IV is one of the biggest and most anticipated games of this year. Just 5 days after the game’s launch, Blizzard has collected $666 Million in revenue, and there are still more players joining the game. However, the past few months for Diablo IV have been rough as the game has continuously received negative feedback. On the launch of the first season of Diablo IV, many players refused to play it due to past changes for the classes, but many players still played it to experience a new story.

Exploring the World of Sanctuary and uncovering a new story could not hold Elon Musk back. As we know, Elon Musk has changed the Twitter logo to an “X,” and in a recent interview for Twitter Spaces, he shared his gaming preferences with the interviewer. During the interview, Elon Musk revealed his in-game character name, which is “IWillNeverDie.” Unfortunately, Elon did not reveal the class or build of the character while sharing the name.

The interviewer asked about his gaming experience, and Elon stated that he has been with Steam since its launch. He has played various games, but his preferences are first-person shooters and Real-Time Strategy games. The host also asked about his username for Steam, but Elon did not reveal it. While talking about his game preferences, Elon added that not a lot of skill is required to play Diablo IV, unlike other games like League of Legends.

The host suggested that Elon should stream Diablo IV, but he was not interested in that. However, Elon did share that he finished Halo Infinite on Hardcore Difficulty, and that is what he would consider streaming. By revealing his character’s name, players now have knowledge of Elon’s in-game name, and they might end up in the same server as him or encounter him during their adventures in the World of Sanctuary.”

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