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Enter the Gungeon: All its achievements and trophies



Enter the Gungeon: All its achievements and trophies

Enter the Gungeon is one of those huge games, with almost infinite replayability, that is full of achievements, and today we bring you the list of its trophies. Note that this list, in addition to including the achievements of the base game, also has 6 extra, divided between both DLCs of the title.

Enter the Gungeon Achievement and Trophy List

ACOLYTE OF THE ARMORComplete the tutorial.fifteen
RAILINGS ROOMUnlock the Oubliette.fifteen
IT’S NOT JUST A BOXAttack a mimic before it attacks you.fifteen
CLIENTUp to 100 Hegemony credits at any Breach store.30
I KNEW SOMEONE WOULDThrow a table into a pit.fifteen
DOWNOpen the shortcut to the Second Chamber.fifteen
KILLJOYKill a boss after covering it in glitter.fifteen
ANNIHILATORDefeat the boss of the Fifth Chamber.30
CASTLE DESTROYERFinish the First Bedroom 50 times.fifteen
PIT LORDKill 100 enemies by throwing them into a pit.fifteen
THE LARGEST PORTFOLIOHave 300 coins at a time.fifteen
SWORN WEAPONCome to Manuel.fifteen
LION LEAPJump into the void in the secret area of ​​the Fifth Bedroom.fifteen
WEAPONS MANUFACTURERMake the bullet that can kill in the past.fifteen
RESPECT FOR THE DEADEnter the Abbey of the True Weapon.fifteen
RAMPAGE MODEGo around 500 tables.fifteen
GAMBLERWin a bet against the Gunman King 5 times.25
THE DEADLIEST PREYDefeat The Hunter’s Past.fifteen
SQUAD CAPTAINDefeat El Marine’s past.fifteen
DUNGEON RULERFinish Second Chamber 40 times.fifteen
DOUBLE JEOPARDYDefeat El Convicto’s past.fifteen
SIDEKICKDefeat El Piloto’s past.fifteen
DOWNOpen the shortcut to the Third Bedroom.fifteen
DEMOLITION MANKill a frozen enemy by somersaulting against them.fifteen
REASSEMBLEDGive the spare arm to the golem.fifteen
HISTORIANKill four pasts.25
EXORCISTDefeat a Jammed boss.fifteen
MASTER OF MINESFinish the Third Bedroom 30 times.fifteen
PASSWORDEnter a Demon Head and hit the black market.fifteen
BEEPUnlock the character “The Robot”.25
JAMMEDRaise your Curse to the maximum and meet the Lord of the Jammed.fifteen
CARTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANTMap the first five bedrooms for the lost adventurer.fifteen
TEMPORAL PARADOXHe dies during the past of some character (except that of The Gunman).fifteen
SMITHFinish the First Bedroom 10 times.25
CASE CLOSEDUnlock the character “The Bullet”.25
LEAD GODCollect five Master Ammo in one pass.60
HOLLOWFinish the Second Chamber 20 times.fifteen
MASTER OF THE DUNGEONComplete the Sixth Chamber.60
DOWN STILLOpen the shortcut to the Fourth Bedroom.fifteen
FINISHEDDefeat the past of “The Robot”.fifteen
GUN HERODefeat La Bala’s past.fifteen
GREAT ROOMTry the Gap.25
BEAST LORDComplete the game with Beast Mode activated.fifteen
LAST STOPOpen the shortcut to the Fifth Bedroom.30
SAGACIOUSBeat the first two phases of the fight against the Ingenious Rat.100
ACROBATIC SHOTWin the Winchester game 3 times.30
SLEDGE DOGComplete the Tonic test.fifty
GUN GAMEComplete the game with the Sorceress’s Enchanted Pistol.25
THIS HOUSE IS A RUINKill 100 enemies by throwing lamps at them.fifteen
ADVANCED ANNIHILATORKill an advanced boss.100
LORD OF THE WOODSSteal 10 things.fifteen
CONTENDERComplete Daisuke’s challenge.fifteen
STRANGE STORYComplete the Frifle challenges.30
HORSE RIDERKill 100 enemies while riding a mine bag.fifteen

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