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Enthusiasts will start selling Sony PlayStation 5 in the style of PlayStation 2



Sony Is Reportedly Investigating The Corruption Issue Of The PS5 And PS4 Consoles

A team of SUP3R5 enthusiasts will start selling the new Sony PlayStation 5 PlayStation 2-style console. Orders for the PlayStation 5 Retro-Inspired will start being taken in two days.

The PlayStation 5 Retro-Inspired comes with a DualSense gamepad in the same style. It’s worth noting that the number of these models of consoles is limited. Thus, enthusiasts intend to present only 304 sets. At the same time, users will be able to buy DualSense Retro Inspired joysticks separately – they will be released in quantities of 500 pieces.

It is known that the first deliveries are planned for the spring of this year. The set will cost $649, while the PlayStation 2 style controller alone will cost $99. It is noted that Sony’s warranty on the console should remain, but not on the joysticks.

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