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14 tricks and curiosities of Cyberpunk 2077 that you still did not know: riding the roller coaster, cars, and weapons …



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We want to show you 14 tricks and curiosities of Cyberpunk 2077 that you still did not know that will make you see the title from another perspective.

Although many users are punishing Cyberpunk 2077 due to the number of errors with which it has been released, the truth is that we are facing one of the great titles and releases of the year and that can also be seen in the huge amount of details that the development team has bothered to include in the final game and that you have surely overlooked.

Our journey through Night City is full of missions but also details that you thought were unthinkable. We want to let you know in this article that there are many hidden secrets.

Although we have already dedicated a guide to secrets. This time we are going to focus more on curiosities, strange elements, and surprises that you might receive along your adventure.

14 tricks and tricks of Cyberpunk 2077 that you still did not know: riding the roller coaster, changing the lights on cars…

This is a list of all the curious details that we have found in our games so that you can also reproduce them

  1. Johnny appears sometimes in the mirror
  2. You can switch between different types of vehicle lights by pressing the X button or the square button depending on the platform
  3. You can make use of the roller coaster peaceful by activating the circuitry
  4. You can never run over the kids
  5. You can have your own cat if you fill the bowl on the left in the apartment with food
  6. The cat that appears in the Takemura mission reacts to Johnny’s technological ghost
  7. You can hack enemies while they are lifting weights so that they fall on them
  8. You can reload weapons faster if you have a bullet in the chamber
  9. You can find the characters that have died in the game in the graveyard on the way to Kerry’s mansion
  10. Try all the paths in conversations because they can open side quests
  11. Weapons animations change depending on whether they are fully unloaded or with some bullets
  12. The characters who play the guitar in the game perform the composition in a realistic way, you just have to look at the position of their fingers.
  13. You will find perfect lip sync in certain conversations with important people, another detail that is not very common to see in video games. In addition, depending on the language you have configured, you will see that the synchronization adapts perfectly depending on whether it is in Spanish, German or English, etc …
  14. The interior of the vehicles is one of the most careful aspects of the program, and each interior is totally different

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