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Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshots Banned in Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot Contest



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Since December 2020, CD Projekt RED has been holding a Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot competition. Having decided to participate in the competition, Russian fan Kristina Mineeva posted her Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshots on VKontakte; soon Mineeva’s screenshots disappeared, and she was banned from the official group of the game.

The only “frank” screenshot associated with a character from the game, whose nipples are sealed with tape (we publish the image here).

But you can find out why the official Cyberpunk2077 group threw me in an emergency on VK? all I did was posted screenshots for the competition and retweet the entry with the competition.

Christina Mineeva

A few days later, the fan was contacted by employees of the Russian division of CD Projekt RED. Company representatives explained that Mineeva violated the group’s rules prohibiting the publication of NSFW content. The studio staff did not explain which screenshot they were talking about.

Hey! You violated group rules by posting NSFW content. The moderator has written you a ban in accordance with our rules. But this does not affect your participation in the screenshot competition, unless, of course, the photo for the competition is also not NSFW.

CD Projekt RED

According to Christina, all screenshots submitted to the competition were taken without modifications: they show exactly the game content. However, judging by the explanations of CD Projekt employees, such personnel cannot participate in the competition.

mm. that is, a screen from the game, without a mod, just characters of the NPC is NSFW and is punishable by emergency situations, when there are screenshots of latex asses hanging and nude in the folder? interesting rules.


It is noteworthy that in the rules of the competition there are no explicit restrictions on the demonstration of nude bodies. But there are two interesting caveats.

In addition, the rules state that the screenshot “must be suitable for showing to minors.” When blocking a fan, CD Projekt did not explain exactly which point of the rules violate her work and what kind of work they are talking about.

See all Mineeva’s screenshots here

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