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WoW Shadowlands: Player kills world boss with the bear army – how does it work?



WoW Shadowlands: Player kills world boss with the bear army - how does it work?

There are bears in World of Warcraft on every corner: Some of them you have to knock down for quests, druids fill-up the dungeons for you in bear form, and the legendary bear spirit Ursoc met with a sad fate in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

However, there has never been an army of glowing blue ghost bears that can kill a world boss in seconds – until now! A current glitch ensures that you can just summon your personal bodyguard made of bearded companions. You shouldn’t try the glitch yourself, otherwise, you risk a ban from Blizzards.

That’s behind the bear bug

Last weekend, YouTuber Archvaldor, whose channel content focuses on exploits and glitches of Blizzard’s long-running MMO, released a new video that deals with the world quest Wrath of Alioth in the Ardenwald.

Actually, this quest is nothing special: The players are transformed into bear form and have to knock down 25 opponents. However, if you leave the bear form immediately after you have adopted it, the bear form remains as a companion by your side and supports you in the fight.

Since this process can be repeated infinitely often, you can generate an entire army of bears and farm heaps of gold with it, as Archvaldor shows in the video:

The YouTuber Tosiko has now saddled up on this bug and pushed the whole thing to the extreme. He repeated the process 150 times to recruit a total of 150 bears. Not only does it look pretty funny, but it’s also incredibly effective. His troop of bears manages to kill the world boss Oranomonos the Everspringing within a few seconds – normally you need a larger group of players for this. But see for yourself:

Again: You should definitely not copy the whole thing: Since this is a clear exploit, in the worst case you have to expect that your WoW account could be blocked.

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