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Cyberpunk 2077: Update 1.1 delivers many fixes, but probably also a plot stopper bug



CDPR publishes a full list of changes in patch 1.2 for Cyberpunk 2077 - there are more than 500

Cyberpunk 2077 recently announced the release of Update 1.1, and now it’s out. In addition to bug fixes, the patch focuses primarily on improving the stability of the game. Quality of life improvements and the like are not part of the new version.

According to the developer CD Projekt Red, the update forms the basis for the upcoming patches. Version 1.2 and the following updates will continue to work on the bugs of the game.

Attention, apparently new heavy plot stopper!

However, not everything seems to be going smoothly with this update either: On Reddit, there are currently more and more complaints about a bug in the main mission “Down on the Street”, which makes it impossible for you to continue playing Cyberpunk 2077. At the end of this mission, Takemura will call you but will not speak. The call remains, however, which is why you cannot do anything else in the game – not even accept new calls to end the bugged call.

Since this is not a side quest, but the main mission, you are always exposed to the danger of this plot stopper bug. So far the only known way to work around this problem: Only install the update after you have completed this mission – or reset the game to a previous mission, play the mission “Down on the Street” and then update again to version 1.1.

We asked CD Projekt for a statement and will of course keep you up to date as soon as the plot stopper bug has been fixed. Until then, we advise you not to install the update to be on the safe side. If the error still exists on Monday in a reproducible manner, we in the editorial team will of course also discuss a correspondingly high devaluation of the role play.

What does update 1.1 bring?

At this point, we’re only going to cover some of the bigger changes in the update.

How big is the update?

  • Steam: around 6 to 9 GB
  • GOG: 1.1 GB
  • Xbox: 16.54 GB
  • PS4: 16.84 GB

Fewer plot stoppers

Numerous quests in the game have suffered from bugs in the past that made them impossible to complete. The development studio has now fixed such problems in the following quests:

  • Epistrophy
  • M’ap Tann Pelen
  • Pyramid song
  • Poem of Atoms
  • Down on the street
  • The handover
  • The Beast in Me: The Great Race
  • A day in the life
  • Space Oddity
  • Mission: freedom of the press

Improved stability, fixed causes of crashes

The game should now use your memory much better. Numerous sub-systems have been adapted, which are related to characters, interactions, AI, traffic and co.

Especially owners of Nvidia graphics cards may also have less to deal with crashes. An error has been corrected that could lead to crashes when loading the cache while the game was starting.

There should also be fewer crashes when loading saved games and starting and exiting the game. The team also declares that crashes related to the last possible save point in the game have been resolved.

Scores get smaller

The developer also fixed another problem with the savegames. Only Hotfix 1.06 took care of a bug that destroyed your saved games if they got too big. Update 1.1, however, now fixes the reason that the saves could get so big in the first place.

The cause of the problem was a modifier that shows whether an item was self-made. However, the developer does not go into further detail in the description.

No rescue for defective saved games: Update 1.1 cannot repair saved games that were broken before Hotfix 1.06. This is unlikely to change in the future either. So your only chance is to use an older save that still works.

What’s next?

The developer announced a rough roadmap for Cyberpunk 2077 at the beginning of the year. Update 1.2 will initially follow Update 1.1. After that, there will be more patches and improvements. In addition, the previously announced free DLC is to follow in 2021.

The patch notes from Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.1


  • Various stability improvements including:
  • Improved memory usage in various sub-systems of the game – characters, interactions, navigation, in-game videos (TV, commercials, news), leaves, laser effects, minimap, devices, AI, road traffic, the environmental damage system, graphics card-related and more.
  • Various problems that led to crashes have been fixed (including loading saves, starting and exiting the game and the last possible save point [Point of No Return]).

Quests / Open World

  • Fixed the issue where calls from Delamain in Epistrophy would end immediately and could not be answered.
  • Fixed the issue where players in Epistrophy would not receive calls from Delamain when approaching the respective vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue where the objective in M’ap Tann Pelen would get stuck on “Answer Mr. Hands’ call”.
  • Fixed the issue where Judy was teleported underground in Pyramid Song.
  • Fixed the issue where it was not possible to speak to the Zen Master in Poem of the Atoms.
  • Fixed the issue where Takemura would not call Down on the Street.
  • Fixed the issue where Jackie could disappear into The Delivery.
  • Fixed the issue where it was impossible to get out of the car in The Beast in Me: The Great Race.
  • Fixed a bug where players could no longer receive messages and calls if they got too far from the quest area in A Day in the Life.
  • Fixed a bug where Space Oddity would not update after opening the package.
  • The game saves were retrospectively fixed, where a rare problem caused that in Automatic Love you couldn’t speak to Judy because of an invisible wall. We are currently investigating the actual reason for this error.
  • Fixed the issue where players could not collect their reward for the Freedom of the Press mission. Players who were unable to collect the reward will now automatically complete the quest and receive the reward automatically.
  • Fixed a bug where Delamain would not say anything during the entire Epistrophy quest if players initially refused to help him.

user interface

  • A bug has been fixed where the input request to leave the braindance was missing.
  • An invalid item was removed as loot.


  • Fixed the issue where the trajectory of a grenade was displayed in photo mode.
  • Fixed the issue where particles would look pink up close.
  • Fixed the issue where cars would not appear correctly in Crime Report: Welcome to Night City.


  • Fixed the issue where the achievement Little Man – What Now? sometimes not unlocked after completing all missions and NCPD scanner offenses in Santo Domingo


  • The reason for the excessive size of saves was removed (this was related to the modifier that indicated whether an item was self-made) and already existing saves were reduced. (Note: PC saves that were damaged prior to the 1.06 update will not be repaired.)
  • Fixed the issue where inputs were no longer recognized after opening the weapon wheel and performing an action.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Continue” option in the main menu could load a save in the finale.

On PlayStation

  • Crowd performance optimization on PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5.
  • Fixed various crash issues on PlayStation 4.

On Xbox

  • Improved memory usage for character creation, mirroring, scanning, remote control of cameras and menus (inventory, map) on Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S.


  • It is now possible to unlock achievements in Steam’s offline mode. Note: To do this, the offline mode must be activated before starting the game. This does not work retrospectively.
  • A bug has been addressed where loading the cache on NVIDIA graphics cards could crash when starting the game.

On Stadia

  • The sound at the concert in Never Fade Aways should now be heard.
  • Fixed damaged textures on several melee weapons.
  • The default settings for the zero zone have been adjusted and are now more responsive. Note: This change only affects the standard settings.
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