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Ori’s director retaliates against “scammers” who developed Cyberpunk 2077 or No Man’s Sky



Ori's director takes it out on the "scammers" who developed Cyberpunk 2077 or No Man's Sky

Thomas Mahler, director of Ori And The Blind Forest and its sequel, fiercely criticizes” scammers ” such as Peter Molyneux, Sean Murray (No Man’s Sky), and CD Projekt (Cyberpunk 2077). The reason, according to him, is to sell promises and “hype” that end up turning into lies and deceptions.

Thomas Mahler, The director of Moon Studios ‘ Ori And The Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, vented on Resetera against video game developers who promise a lot… and then go low. Specifically, he talked about the releases of Cyberpunk 2077, No Man’s Sky, and the work of Peter Molyneux.

Mahler referred to them as “snake oil salesman”, a term synonymous with scammers. First, he criticizes Peter Molyneux, creator of Fable or Populous but also of other failed experiments such as Godus or Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube? He defines him as the master of ” instead of telling you what my product is, I will go crazy with what I think it could be to get you excited, which is fine until you discover that the game in which you have invested money does not It looks nothing like what Peter was anticipating. “

“He did that shit for over a decade with journalists and gamers wanting to hear Uncle Peter and his fantastic stories about everything he’s doing for the industry. It had to be when he put out some crappy games for them to finally stop hearing his lies. “.

Mahler continues to charge now against Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, creators of No Man’s Sky, a game that promised a total space exploration experience but which turned out to be very, very raw at launch (although it later improved substantially with patches and updates.

Even just days before the release of No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray talked about multiplayer, which actually didn’t exist, and was happy to assure players that No Man’s Sky is the kind of Minecraft in space where you can do whatever you want. Similar promises can be traced to all “snake oil sellers” because it attracts everyone. Of course, there was a scandal when the game came out because No Man’s Sky was not at all what Murray was talking about.

What happened after? They have released several updates, so now let’s forget about their lies and sprinkle them with rewards, because they kind of finally fulfilled their promises, although the game was supposed to be that way from the beginning. Thanks, Jeff Keely. Rewarding this behavior will definitely help this industry grow stronger.

Thomas Mahler
Ori game director

Finally, he attacks CD Projekt RED, responsible for Cyberpunk 2077, which, as you surely know has had a disastrous launch (relatively, because sales have been a million), in which the versions of old consoles were almost unplayable which has led to an unprecedented campaign of returns.

Finally, it’s time for Cyberpunk, made by the folks behind The Witcher 3 – so everything should be great. Here is our universe, and trust us, you can do whatever you want in it! CDPR’s marketing team took advantage of everything that worked for Molyneux and Murray at the time, and kicked it off.

Players had to believe this was a sci-fi first-person GTA. How not to love this? Every video released by CDPR has been carefully thought out to create an insanely compelling picture in the minds of the players. They could only say bluntly that the game would cure cancer. This strategy has led to a sensational 8 million pre-orders, and then came this.

The product turned out to be just a fraction of what the developers were talking about, and on top of that, the game barely works on consoles that were supposedly performing “surprisingly good”!

Thomas Mahler
Ori game director

Mahler also attacks journalists who “happily go along with these lies,” and although he acknowledged that in all those cases there was retaliation against those developers. He criticizes that players and journalists are so willing to forget and forgive.

Many forum users criticized Mahler for his words and his tone which is especially harsh coming from someone in the industry who is fiercely attacking his professional colleagues.

In a later comment, he defended himself saying that ” I think we would be in a better place if the players and especially the press looked at things with a little more critical eye rather than hype.

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