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WoW Shadowlands: All information about the first raid in Castle Nathria



WoW Shadowlands: All information about the first raid in Castle Nathria

Also in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands you can happily fight your way through some raids again. It starts with Castle Nathria, the castle of the Venthyr villain Lord Denathrius. We clarify all-important questions about the raid.

When does the Shadowlands raid open Nathria Castle?

Nathria Castle opened its doors on December 9th for the first time on the normal and heroic difficulty level. A week later you could already conquer the castle in mythical and since February 3rd, all wings of the castle have been available in the raid browser.

Where is the entrance to Nathria Castle?

The castle is located in Revendreth, the home of the Vampire Pact. The huge Gothic castle can be recognized from afar and is clearly visible on the map. The entrance to the raid is on the west side of the castle. The closest flight point to the entrance is north of the castle in the »Menagerie of Masters«. We have drawn both points on the map for you:

Which item level do I need for the raid?

In order to enter Nathria Castle using the dungeon browser, you need an iLvl of at least 170 . If you enter the raid with a fixed group, you don’t theoretically have to take this hurdle. However, an equipment level around 170 is also recommended for fixed groups if you want to manage the raid.

What bosses are waiting in the first Shadowlands raid?

A total of 10 bosses are waiting for you in the entire raid. These range from a blind bat to an old acquaintance to Count Denathrius himself. Which bosses are involved in the following list. Since, as already mentioned, you meet an old friend, we have hidden the information behind a small spoiler warning:

Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

Which loot can I get in Castle Nathria?

In the first Shadowlands raid you can get different sets of equipment. The bosses don’t drop weapons, however. There are so-called weapon brands that you can redeem for weapons in your pact. In addition to armor and weapons, the raid bosses also drop memories for the rune mason. You need them to forge legendary items.

In addition, you will be rewarded with the Mount Bulwark Screecher for completing a series of ten achievements within the raid. These are the following tasks (attention, spoilers!):

Warning: the following paragraph contains spoilers

The YouTuber LeystTV shows you what the individual armor sets look like in his compilation:

How high is the item level of the raid gear?

Depending on the level of difficulty you master the raid, you will get different equipment levels. The item level of the loot of the first eight bosses is the same, while the last two bosses drop slightly better gear. We have summarized all values ​​for you in a table:

What’s the story in the raid?

Again, we give you a spoiler warning. If you haven’t played the Raid or Shadowlands before, you might want to skip the paragraphs if you want to experience the story for yourself.

Anyone who has followed the story of WoW Shadowlands so far knows that you will even begin your journey in Revendreth at Denathrius’s side, because you think he is one of the good guys. At some point halfway through the story, you realize that the Venthyr gentleman is making common cause with the jailer, whereupon your alliance with the rebels.

You then look for the traitor Denathrius in his castle Nathria and fight him after you have given all his servants and court to the twelve. In the final fight, you face Denathrius and his magical sword Remornia, which in the end also saves him from destruction.

You take the sword with the now sealed Denathrius and hand it over to General Draven and Z’rali, whereupon a sequence is triggered:

Denathrius, bound by the sword, is locked by the two in a cage of light, in which he suffers torments but does not die. There is a chance of his return if the jailer takes Remornia and frees Denathrius from his double prison. The upcoming WoW patches will show whether this will happen.

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