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Escape From Tarkov: Where to Find Graphics Cards (Streets of Tarkov)



Escape From Tarkov: Where to Find Graphics Cards (Streets of Tarkov)

Escape From Tarkov is a survival FPS PvPvE game in which players have to do raids on different maps of Tarkov. Players will find different types of loot on all the maps and most of the players will go for the high-value loot because it can be sold at a very high price. Valuables like Graphics Card are very useful as they are needed to make the Bitcoin Farm in your Hideout.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Graphics Cards on the Streets of Tarkov Map in Escape From Tarkov.

Finding Graphics Cards in Streets of Tarkov

Graphics Card is one of the rarest and most valuable items in the game. It is mainly from a Tech Category that can be used to create a Bitcoin Farm in your own Hideout. After making the Bitcoin farm, players will be able to make Bitcoin in their own Hideout and then sell them to make money.

The main spawn points of Graphics Cards are on the same spot as the Tech Supplies Spawn but sometimes they can be found in other spawn locations as well. Due to the rarity of the item, the game spawns all highly valuable items close to each other. As players will be making their raids in the new map of Escape From Tarkov, they will be looking for the best loot spawn locations on the map.

There are several spots to find high-value items in Streets of Tarkov but if you are looking for Graphics Cards, then there are a couple of Spots in which you can easily find 1 piece or a couple of Graphics Cards.

Graphics Card Spawn Location 1

One of the first spawn Locations of Graphics Cards is on the West side of the map near the Sewer River Extraction. You need to go to the West side and when you get to the Blue Train location, you need to go ahead on the main street. Stay on the left side of the street while you are walking and you will come up on a Yellow Building. Go inside the building, and go up the stairs. There is an office on the second floor of the building which has several PCs.

You need to loot all of the PCs to find other Tech Supplies as well as the Graphics Cards. You can easily find at least 1 Graphics Card from that office room unless the room is already been looted by another PMC player. Make sure to loot the room early in the raid to find the valuables.

Graphics Card Spawn Location 2

Another spawn location of the Graphics Cards is on the East Side of the map near the Collapsed Crane Extraction. It is on Chekannaya Street in front of the SPARJA Grocery Store. If you walk straight toward the east side from the previous spawn location, you will reach Chekannaya Street. You need to go inside the building with a hole in the wall. Open the door in front and go to the left side. You will come up on multiple holes.

On each hole you go through, you will find high-value items in the room. Go through all of the rooms to find valuable items and you can find tech supplies like Graphics Cards and Tetris in the rooms.

You will also be able to find Graphics Cards in other random locations as well but the most chances of getting the graphics card are on the spawn of tech supplies.

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