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Fae Farm: How to Get Iron Ore



Fae Farm: Iron Ore

As players progress through the game, they will get to find various exotic minerals that can be used in several crafting recipes and can be used to upgrade their Starter Tools. One of the first minerals that players can find and can use to upgrade their tools is Iron Ore. Iron Ore is not only used to upgrade the tools but also used to forge to construct various crafting stations.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Iron Ore in Fae Farm.

How to Get Iron Ore in Fae Farm

Players will get to use Iron Ore in all sorts of crafting recipes especially, in the making of different kinds of Ingots that are used to craft crafting stations and much more. To get Iron Ore in Fae Farm, players have to mine the Iron Ore Deposits. The Iron Ore Deposits can only be found in different levels of the dungeons that players will get to visit in Fae Farm.

One of the first dungeons that players will get to visit is the Saltwater Mines dungeon. The Saltwater Mines dungeon will be closed and players will have to get a key for the dungeon to unlock it. Once players have got access to the dungeon, they will be able to find tons of Iron Ore Deposits above level 10 of Saltwater Mines along with other mineable deposits.

To mine the Iron Ore Deposits, players will need to have a Copper Pickaxe. Interact with the Iron Ore Deposits to mine them and each deposit will drop 3x Iron Ore. To get through the levels quickly in Saltwater Mines dungeon, place the Copper Seal in one of the cauldrons on each level to skip to higher levels to find Iron Ore Deposits more frequently.

If you want to farm Iron Ore for crafting item recipes then it is the best place and method to get Iron Ore in high numbers. Apart from mining the iron deposits, the mimic chest enemies also drop an iron ore upon killing them.

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