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Fae Farm: How to Craft Iron Ingot



Fae Farm: Iron Ingot

There are various useful materials that players will get to farm as they explore more regions around the world of Azoria but one of the most useful materials is the Refined Materials. One of the refined materials includes the Ingots that are used for upgrading the tools. Upgrading the tools can allow you to gather more exotic materials around the world. One of the starting ingots that players will get to craft is the Iron Ingot.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft Iron Ingot in Fae Farm.

How to Craft Iron Ingot in Fae Farm

Iron Ingot is one of the Refined Materials in Fae Farm that is used as a required material for upgrading the tools to Iron Level. It is the third level of the tools that will allow players to gather more exotic materials in their surroundings. However, players must first upgrade their tool to Copper Level for which players need to craft the Copper Ingot. As the Iron Ingot is a refined material, players must craft it themselves inside the Stone Forge station. The Stone Forge is specifically used for crafting various Metal Ingots by using the required metal ores. To craft the Iron Ingot, players will need the following metal ores.

  • 10x Iron Ore
  • 2x Coal

Once players have the required materials, they will be able to craft the Iron Ingot by following the following steps.

  • Interact with the Stone Forge station to use it.
  • Select the Iron Ingot recipe.
  • Set the number of Iron Ingots you want to craft and then accept the craft action.
  • Wait for the Iron Ingot to be crafted.

Upon crafting the Iron Ingot, it will be stored in your inventory and you will be able to use it to upgrade the tools to iron level.

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