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Fae Farm: Where to Find Your Home



Fae Farm: Home

Fae Farm is a new Simulation RPG that will let you explore the World of Azoria and its secrets. You will get to enter the World of Azoria, once you have created your character. As you enter Azoria by the Dock, you will be greeted by the town’s Mayor, Merrit who will give you your first main quest Moving In. The main objective of the house is to find your new home in Fae Farm.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find your home in Fae Farm.

Where to Find Your Home in Fae Farm

You need to talk to Merrit because not only she will arrange a home for you but she will also give you the map of the town which you will be using throughout your exploration in Azoria. When you talk to Merrit, select the Quest option to get the Moving In quest and once the conversation ends, you will get the town’s map. You can open the map by pressing the M Button on your keyboard.

Your Homestead is located to the North of Azoria and if you hover over to the Homestead location, you will be able to track it by selecting it. The direction for your homestead will start showing on the screen. You will be at the Docks so you need to go up the stairs and make your way through the Town Center location to reach the Homestead. There will be a small forest area in front of the house so, if you reach this area then you are going in the right direction.

Once you have reached the house, simply walk in the front door to go inside your house. You will be able to pick up the Backpack from the middle of your house to unlock the inventory for your character.

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