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Fallout 4: How to Complete the At Hallow’s Eve Quest



Fallout 4: How to Complete the At Hallow’s Eve Quest

The Next Gen Update of Fallout 4 contains three new story quests for players to undertake, each focusing on new challenges and themes. One of the new quests players can pursue is At Hallow’s Eve which focuses on a Halloween theme and allows players to unlock over 30 Halloween decorations.

This quest is pretty straightforward as it takes place inside the New England Technocrat Society building located within the Harbormaster Hotel. However, the Technocrat Society has a few complications that players must undergo to complete the quest. This guide will walk you through each step of the At Hallow’s Eve quest and help you complete it.

How to Complete the At Hallow’s Eve Quest in Fallout 4

How to Start the At Hallow’s Eve Quest

The At Hallow’s Eve Quest starts automatically when you load into the game after updating your game to Next Gen Update. You will see the quest pop-up for At Hallow’s Eve on the left side when you load in and if you aren’t following any quest at the moment, the quest marker will be displayed on the map as well. However, you can also follow the quest through the Quests menu of your Pip-Boy.

Listen to the Mysterious Signal

Open your Pip-Boy and navigate to the Radio Menu to find and select the Mysterious Signal frequency. Let it play for a bit and the quest objective will update.

Investigate the source of the signal

The signal will be coming from the Harbormaster Hotel located near the Boston harbor. Open your map to find the objective marker and travel to the nearest discovered location. Once there, make your way to the hotel and enter inside. Go to the door on the left inside and interact with it to enter the New England Technocrat Society.

Investigate the New England Technocrat Society & Take Out the Feral Ghouls

Head into the next door ahead to find a big hall filled with choking gas. As you enter, the Feral Ghouls will attack you so be prepared to defend yourself. The choking gas can make your visibility blur for a few moments, so it is best that you head up the stairs on the right side where there will be no effects of the gas.

Kill all the ghouls and don’t forget to loot their bodies, especially the Glowing Ghoul named Mr. Wendt.

Find a way to escape

To make an escape from the hall, go over the counter and turn to the right to find an opened door to a hallway. The hallway has several marked doors with a number and a security door at the end which can only be unlocked by entering a correct password at the console.

Search the rooms for password clues

As you enter the hallway, there will be a note on the floor next to a dead body. Read the note and turn the page to find the clues for the code as follows.

  • Room 1: Specimen Jars
  • Room 2: Skull Candles
  • Room 3: Teddy Bears
  • Room 4: Jack-O-Lanterns

The hint that this clue is implying that you need to count the total number of a mentioned item in the respective room.

Now, go ahead and open Room 1 to see 4 Specimen Jars in front. Open the Room 2 in front of Room 1 to see 3 Skull Candles in front. Go ahead to Room 3 and open it to find 4 Teddy Bears in the room. There will be a hidden turret behind a small tree in the room so feel free to shoot it down. Lastly, open the Room 4 to find 6 Jack-O-Lanterns in it.

Counting all the items should give you the code as 4 – 3 – 4 – 6. Move up to the console and interact with it to enter the code and open the locked door.

Examine the control terminal

Step into the room and interact with the terminal ahead. Select the Control Systems option and Disable AI Control System. It will close the choking gas in the building and update the quest objective.

Furthermore, you can unlock the Safe from the Control Systems. The safe is in the right corner of the room through which you can get tons of supplies, ammo, and a couple of weapons. Moreover, there will be a Power Armor with a De-Capitalist Helmet in the room which you can get in or take the helmet and put it on your Power Armor.

Pick Up Picket Fences Halloween Special

Upon disabling the AI Control System, the last objective for the quest is to pick up the Halloween Special magazine which unlocks recipes for over 30 Halloween Special decoration items. It is placed beside the terminal in the room. Pick it up to conclude the quest.


Completing the At Hallow’s Eve quest will only reward you with 372 XP. However, since the final room contains a ton of loot in the safe and a new Power Armor, it is better to take those items with you.

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