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Manor Lords: How to Trade



Manor Lords: How to Trade

Manor Lords is one of the highly detailed life simulation games with city-building and economics mechanics that players should understand as quickly as possible to have a better playthrough overall. One of the key features in Manor Lords is trading through which players can get the goods their land isn’t capable of providing or even export the goods that are overflowing the storehouses to generate Regional Wealth.

This guide will provide you with information on how to trade in Manor Lords.

How to Trade in Manor Lords

Trading in Manor Lords is done through the Trading Post (Goods) and the Livestock Trading Post (Animals). These two are the buildings that players can build in their town/region pretty early in the game. Building a Trading Post only costs 4x Timber to build and a Livestock Trading Post only costs 2x Timber. You can find both of these buildings under the Trade Tab of the Construction Menu.

As both of these trading posts deal in a certain type of trading, the functionality of both of them is the same. To trade in either a regular Trading Post or in a Livestock Trading Post, you must assign at least one worker/family to it which will handle the trades of both import and export.

Set the Trading Rules for the Trade to Take Place

Now, for your goods to actually trade, you must set the Desired Surplus rate of each item you wish to trade either in import or export. To do so, open the Trade Tab of the trading post to see all the resources, food items, minerals, etc. available at your base. Use the Plus or Minus symbols to either raise or lower the desired surplus of a good you want to have at all times after the trade has been done.

For instance, if you have a high amount of stones or planks and you wish to sell them, lower the desired surplus as it will set the needed amount for those items and sell the rest of them stored in the Trading Post. It is the same for importing items as well. If you want an item that you currently don’t have or running low on it, just raise the desired surplus rate.

Moreover, setting the desired surplus rate, you must also set a trading rule for each item you are trading. Every item shown in the trading post has a sidebar on its left side with a downward arrow sign. Click on it to view the trading rules as follows.

  • No Trade: Never trade this good.
  • Import: Buy until the Desired Surplus is reached.
  • Export: Sell until the Desired Surplus is reached.
  • Full Trade: Buy and sell until the Desire Surplus is reached.

In short, set the Desired Surplus of a good you wish to trade and then set a trading rule to it either you want to import it, export it, or never trade it at all.

Additional Tips for Better Trading in Manor Lords

Apart from the core functionality of trading in Manor Lords, some additional mechanics play a vital role in it. One of them is storing the items at the Trading Post. The assigned families at the Trading Post will only look after the trades and if the storage of the trading post goes empty, they will not make any trade. To fill the storage with the items that you are trading, assign at least one family to the Storehouse so that they can bring the goods to the trading post.

Another vital role in trading, especially for importing goods is establishing a trade route. Upon establishing a trade route, it increases the efficiency of trade for that good and you will also be able to see the trader on the map by clicking on the eye icon.

One of the great tips for better trading is to add a Horse to the trading post. It will make the export trading a lot faster as your assigned families have to travel to the Tradepoint of the respective region every time to make the trade.

Building a trading post near the region’s Tradepoint will help you in faster trading but it can slow down the storing process of goods at the trading post due to the distance between the town and the trading post. It is better to build a trading post somewhere in the middle so that both the traders and the workers take equal time.

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