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Manor Lords: How to Get a Blacksmith’s Shop to Make Weapons



Manor Lords: How to Get a Blacksmith’s Shop to Make Weapons

Building your initial town and providing the people with all the demanded supplies to keep them happy is one of the core gameplay mechanics in Manor Lords. However, as your town grows to flourish, you also want to take precautions to defend it for which you have to hire a militia and provide them with weapons.

As militia can be hired easily by using the money from the Treasury, the main factor is to get weapons to arm them. This guide will provide you with information on how to get a Blacksmith’s Shop so that you can make weapons in Manor Lords.

How to Get a Blacksmith’s Shop in Manor Lords

For you to forge weapons on your own without importing them from the Tradepoint and consuming Regional Wealth, you will first have to get a Blacksmith’s Shop. To get a Blacksmith’s Shop, you will first have to upgrade a Burgage Plot to Level 2. Upon upgrading the Burgage Plot, you will unlock further Backyard Extensions including a Blacksmith’s Store.

Now, to build a Blacksmith’s Shop, select the Burgage Plot (Level 2) and choose the Blacksmith’s Workshop under the Backyard Extension (Hammer icon) option. It will cost 5x Planks and 5 Regional Wealth for the construction of the Blacksmith’s Workshop.

NOTE: The families that are living inside the Burgage Plot will be assigned to the Blacksmith profession permanently and you won’t be able to assign them to any other profession or work.

How to Make Weapons in Manor Lords

Once you have built a Blacksmith’s Shop, you will be able to make three types of weapons which include Sidearms, Spears, and Polearms. However, making each type of weapon will require a certain number of materials. The main material for each weapon is an Iron Slab which is crafted at the Bloomery. Another crafting material that is required for making Spears and Polearms is Planks which is made in the Sawpit.

Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of supplies for both Iron Slabs and Planks for producing weapons in the town. Now, the method to make the weapons is very simple and it includes the following steps.

  • Select the Blacksmith’s Shop.
  • Navigate to the General Tab.
  • Set a weapon type as the Production Focus to start making the selected weapon.

Upon setting a weapon type as a Production Focus, the Blacksmith will start making that weapon until you change the weapon type. As each weapon is made, it will be sent to storehouses allowing you to give it to the army or even list it for trading.

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