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Manor Lords: How to Increase Influence



Manor Lords: How to Increase Influence

The progression system in Manor Lords requires various crucial factors for your playthrough such as Regional Wealth for upgrading your town, Treasury for recruiting an army, and Approval for populating your town. Apart from these major systems, another system essential for expanding or claiming other regions is Influence.

It is usually considered an end-game resource but since there are no limitations for your playthrough, earning it early and throughout your playthrough can help you expand quickly to other regions. This guide will provide you with information on how to increase Influence in Manor Lords.

What is Influence in Manor Lords

Influence is a resource in Manor Lords that is used for diplomacy and claiming other regions to expand your dominant power. Expanding and claiming other regions will allow you to start fresh in those regions by placing down the Settler’s Camp.

How to Increase Influence in Manor Lords

Influence is earned through several methods in Manor Lords which include building a Manor in the settlement, imposing a Tithe to provide food to the Church, upgrading the Church, and defeating the Bandits. All of these actions can be performed fairly early in the game and you will get to defeat bandits and raiders several times which will give a decent amount of Influence every time.

Build a Manor in Your Settlement

For the first method, you need to first reach the Small Village Status by building 5 Burgage Plots in the town to home the families. Doing this will unlock the Manor building under the Administration Tab and it will require the following materials to build it.

  • 5x Timber – Obtained from the Logging Camp.
  • 20x Planks – Obtained from the Sawpit.
  • 25x Stone – Obtained from the Stonecutter’s Camp.

Upon building a Manor, it will grant you 250 Influence straightaway.

Enact a Tithe

Manor is mainly used for enacting various taxes to generate Treasury but one of the features will let you earn Influence throughout the playthrough. This feature is Tithe and you can find it under the Taxes Tab of the Manor. What it does is that it gives a set percentage of food to the Church and earns you Influence in return.

The earned Influence will vary on the percentage of food that you set so if you have a decent amount of food, setting a 7% – 10% will be ideal.

Upgrade the Wooden Church to the Small Stone Church

Another quick way to earn a decent amount of Influence early in the game is through upgrading the Church. You initially build a Wooden Church in the town but it can be enhanced to a Small Stone Church by using the following materials.

  • 5x Timber – Obtained from the Logging Camp.
  • 20x Stone – Obtained from the Stonecutter’s Camp.
  • 10x Planks – Obtained from the Sawpit.
  • 10x Rooftiles – Obtained from the Clay Furnace.

Upon upgrading the Church to a Small Stone Church, you will earn 250 Influence straightaway.

Defeat the Bandits and Raiders

One of the quickest ways to earn Influence is by defeating the groups of Bandits and Raiders that try to raid your town from time to time. Use the Treasury to recruit an army and give them the weapons to defend your town.

Deploy the army when the bandits attack to defeat them and at the end of each fight, you will be granted 320 Influence along with goods that can moved to Regional Wealth or Treasury.

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