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Manor Lords: How to Increase Approval



Manor Lords: How to Increase Approval

Providing comfort for your hard-working people in a new medieval land is very crucial to increasing their happiness and keeping them healthy. Along with all the progression work in the town to upgrade the settlement, you must wonder how you can increase the approval rate which is basically the happiness of your people in Manor Lords.

This guide will help you in increasing the Approval of the settlement in Manor Lords.

How to Increase Approval in Manor Lords

Initially, you start with a zero Approval rate, and as you begin to place down the basic structures like a Well for water, a Logging Camp for Timber to build structures, a Hunting Camp for food, etc. it will start going up. However, it will only go up to a certain percentage as you need to build homes for all available people in your town.

Build the Burgage Plots with a little backyard for all the people and then move on to the residential structures to build the storehouses and a Marketplace. Once these structures are down, it will give you a decent boost. Once the houses are built, click on the house to see the Amenities and the Market Supply.

The Amenities and the Market Supply are different for the houses depending upon the level of Burgage Plots. If the Burgage Plot is Level 1, it will have fewer Amenities and Market Supply demands than the Level 2 Burgage Plot. So, what you want to do here is that provide everything for the people listed in the Amenities and the Market Supply to raise the Approval rate to 100%.

However, as you make progress in the game, and upgrade the Burgage Plots further, the amenities and the market supply demands will also increase, so you must keep up with all the demands to keep the approval rate at max.

What You Get By Increasing Approval

Increasing Approval in Manor Lords will keep the families happy and upon reaching a certain percentage of Approval, you will get a certain amount of families every month. So, basically the population of your town will increase if you keep the Approval rate high.

  • Approval Rate 50% – 1 Family per month
  • Approval Rate 75% – 2 Families per month
  • Approval Rate 100% – 3 Families per month

However, you need to keep in mind that the approval rate for every settlement is different. If you have two settlements in total, both of them have their own approval rate and you need to provide for both of the settlements to keep the people happy.

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