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Manor Lords: How to Get Fuel



Manor Lords: How to Get Fuel

Beginning your medieval lord journey of building a town for your people will require you to gather all the basic necessities to keep them happy. One of the main necessities required for people to live comfortably in the town is Fuel. Now, there are two different types of fuel in Manor Lords which are acclaimed from a respective method to the fuel type.

This guide will provide you with information on how you can get each type of fuel in Manor Lords.

How to Get the Fuel in Manor Lords

Fuel is equally important as Food in Manor Lords as it is required for people to keep themselves warm in the winter and to run various operations in the backyard of their Burgage Plots. Providing a higher percentage of fuel to people will increase the efficiency of the production in the Burgage Plots which can greatly help in the playthrough.

Now, as mentioned earlier, there are two types of Fuel that you can get in Manor Lords. One is Firewood and the other one is Charcoal. Firewood is the basic source of fuel which is obtained by cutting the trees, whereas, Charcoal is a refined source and is more efficient.

How to Get Firewood in Manor Lords

The Firewood is obtained by cutting the trees but don’t confuse it with the Logging Camp as it only generates Timber which is used for constructing structures. To get the Firewood from cutting the trees, you must build a Woodcutter’s Lodge.

Add at least one family into the Woodcutter’s Lodge and they will cut the trees to gather the Firewood and supply it to the Storehouses from where it can be distributed to the Marketplace for people to purchase it.

How to Get Charcoal in Manor Lords

You can unlock the capability to craft charcoal upon spending a Development Point in the Industry Tree to get Charcoal Burning development. It will unlock the Charcoal Kiln structure where you will be able to produce Charcoal by burning Firewood.

Charcoal is much more effective than Firewood and for each Firewood burnt in the Kiln, you get two Charcoal. Supply the charcoal around the town by storing it in storehouses.

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