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Manor Lords: How to Survive Your First Harsh Winter



Manor Lords: How to Survive Your First Harsh Winter

Manor Lords is one of the in-depth and complex city-building games that also offers tactical combat every now and then which only increases the difficulty if you are not prepared for it. However, despite the combat, there are other anomalies that players should first focus on getting over and one of them is the Winter Season.

Similar to several life-simulation games where seasons and time play a crucial role in the core mechanics of the game, Manor Lords is no different. When the Winter rolls around, survivability decreases and you must make certain decisions to keep your families/people alive. This guide will help you in how you can survive the first harsh winter in Manor Lords.

How to Survive Your First Harsh Winter in Manor Lords

There are several factors relying on surviving the winter for your families in Manor Lords. Before we go ahead and discuss how to avoid the death of the people, you must first know when Winter rolls around and what it affects.

Winter Season Time & Effects

The months for the Winter to roll around in Manor Lords are December to February. It is a three-month time period that affects the overall temperature of the region requiring your people to consume double the fuel than normal seasons. Moreover, during the winter, your crops won’t grow and if you have a Pasture full of Sheep, the wool will not grow on them and it has a chance that your sheep get cold if they are sheaved.

Get as Much Supply of Fuel as You Can

The main aspect to increase the survivability of your people during Winter in Manor Lords is to get as much supply of Fuel as you can. There are two ways through which you can get enough fuel for all the people in the town. The first one is basically the generic method and that is to get enough Firewood and store it in the Storehouses.

As mentioned above, winter starts when the month of December starts so, what you can do is build at least two Woodcutter’s Lodges and build them near the forests. Build two to three Storehouses to let the woodcutters get Firewood and bring it to the storehouses for storage from where it can be transported to the Marketplace for people to purchase.

Another method yet an efficient one is to craft Charcoal. You can unlock the capability to craft charcoal upon spending a Development Point in the Industry Tree to get Charcoal Burning development. It will unlock the Charcoal Kiln structure where you will be able to produce Charcoal by burning Firewood.

Charcoal is much more effective than Firewood and for each Firewood burnt in the Kiln, you get two Charcoal. Supply the charcoal around the town by storing it in the storehouses and you will be all set for the winter as people will happily consume it to keep themselves and the Burgage Plots warm.

Focus on Chicken Coop and Wild Hunting for Food

Although the consumption of food in winter is relatively lower than in other seasons, there aren’t any sources of fresh food like vegetables or crops in the winter. What you want to do is to extend the Burgage Plots of the people and build the Chicken Coop in their backyard. It will generate eggs for each family for the whole winter. Moreover, build a Hunting Camp near the Wild Animals’ territory for them to get fresh meat.

How to Save Sheep in the Winter

The only way you can save sheep in the winter is by not sheaving them in November and onward. So, any sheep that has been sheaved before November will grow wool by December, allowing them to survive on their own in the winter.

Apart from the precautions mentioned above for the Winter, you can continue on your progress for the town and the people as same as always. Focus on trading to generate Regional Wealth, upgrade the Burgage Slots, level up the settlement, invest in more Development Points, and so on.

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