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Manor Lords: How to Make Money Fast



Manor Lords: How to Make Money Fast

While you are getting all cozy by building your initial town in the Manor Lords for the citizens to live, build, and farm, you might also want to quickly start making money to make progress in the game. However, Manor Lords offer two different currencies for two different purposes. One is Regional Wealth and the other one is Treasury.

Treasury is Lord’s personal money and is used for major opportunities like recruiting a Militia or so, whereas, Regional Wealth is all of your citizen’s combined money and is used for almost everything in the game. Since the Regional Wealth is a lot crucial, this guide will be helping you in how to make money fast in Manor Lords.

How to Start Making Money in Manor Lords

Generating Regional Wealth is crucial in Manor Lords as various features of the game will require a certain cost of Regional Wealth to be implemented. This includes establishing a trade route, high-level or upgraded buildings, and much more which are crucial for progressing in the game.

Initially, your town will have zero Regional Wealth, and the best way to start generating money is through trading. Trading is done through two types of trading posts: Trading Post and Livestock Trading Post. As the name is self-explanatory, the best one to start with is the regular trading post as it allows you to trade the goods (resources, food, minerals, etc.)

You can build the Trading Post quite early in the game as it only requires 4x Timber. Upon getting wood from the trees at the Logging Camp, select the Trading Post from the Construction Menu to get it built in the town.

How to Make Money Fast in Manor Lords

Upon building a trading post in your region, you need to start trading the resources that are in excess at your disposal. It can be stone, planks, iron, or clay. The best item to start with is either Iron or Clay. If you zoom out in your region, you can see the Iron Deposits or Clay Deposits in your region. Make a Mining Spot above the deposit area to start mining the minerals and then you can start a trade of export for them at the trading post.

TIP: Don’t export all of the iron or clay.

The next thing you want to do is to level up your settlement to earn a couple of development points and you need to invest those in Industry Development Tree to unlock Charcoal Burning and Deep Mining. What this will do is it will increase the amount of Charcoal for you allowing you to even start trading Charcoal to start earning more money, and the mineral deposits that are gone empty can be mined indefinitely.

In short, your trading of iron or clay will never be stopped as you will be able to keep mining it out from the deposits.

After making a couple of thousands of Regional Wealth, you need to build the Livestock Trading Post and import some sheep. Buy the sheep to get the Sheep Farm which will allow you to get wool from shearing the sheep. After that, you want to build the Weaver workshop and add wool there to make Yarn which is sold for a very decent price.

Start selling wool and yarn as well along with any excess materials at your disposal to make some more money.

Now, to make a lot of money quickly, you must level up your settlement to unlock high-level buildings such as a Tailor’s Shop, a Cobbler’s Shop, and a Blacksmith. All of these will provide you with lavish items which can be sold for a very high price. Having a Blacksmith will allow you to make weapons that are sold for a high price and you can easily make thousands of Regional Wealth in very less time.

Tips for Saving Money

Apart from exporting items, you will have to import items as well that aren’t available in your region. Importing items is much pricier than exporting them. The best way to tackle this scenario is to invest in Development Points in the Trading Tree to unlock Trade Logistics and Better Deals.

The trade logistics will allow you to establish a trade route for every item for only 25 Regional Wealth instead of 80 – 90. As establishing a trade route improves the frequency of the trade, you will sell or buy items more frequently.

The better deals will decrease the price of every import by 10 Regional Wealth. It is very effective if you are importing a high amount of an item.

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