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Palia: How to Complete the Catch a Falling Star Quest



Palia: How to Complete the Catch a Falling Star Quest

Catch a Falling Star is a Friendship Level 5 quest for Zeki added newly with the recent patch. Players will be able to pursue this quest once they have completed the Bugs Everywhere quest and reached Friendship Level 5 with Zeki. This guide will walk you through the Catch a Falling Star quest for Zeki in Palia.

How to Complete the Catch a Falling Star Quest in Palia

Starting the Quest

Upon reaching Friendship Level 5 with Zeki, speak with him to learn that he needs your help in solving a problem with his douplifier. Go through the dialogues to initiate the quest.

Find the Meteorite

Zeki has mentioned that a piece of a falling star landed in Bahari Bay long before we arrived at the Palian World. Go to the highlighted area in the Bahari Bay map zone and look for a dirt pile east of Pavel Mines’ entrance on the hill. Once you have found the dirt pile, interact with it but unfortunately, there won’t be a meteorite in it.

It’s time to ask around the villagers to get a lead on who has the meteorite. Speak with Najuma about the meteorite and she will mention that she saw Tish using the meteorite for her new furniture set. Open the map to locate Tish and then go over to her and speak with her about the meteorite.

Tish will refuse to hand over the meteorite until Reth is free from the Grimalkin Cartel’s clutches. After speaking with Tish, go back to Zeki and tell her what you have found out.

Wait to find out more

This is where the quest gets tricky as it will not continue until you have reached Friendship Level 5 with Reth and Tish, and progressed further enough in their Friendship Level 5 quest (Super Snooper and Another Way). Similar to Zeki’s Friendship Level 5 quest, both of the friendship quests for Reth and Tish will come to this same point where you will have to wait to find out more.

Instead of simply waiting, you need to progress in the other required quests of the characters so that you can progress in all of these quests at the same time.

Go to a Meeting

Upon progressing in Reth’s and Tish’s Friendship Level 5 quest, you will receive a mail from Zeki. He will invite you to come to the meeting at the Underground Office. Head to the Underground area beneath Zeki’s General Store and go to the left of the entrance to Reth’s cooking station to find the office.

Here, you need to listen to the conversation between Reth, Zeki, and Tish as they work out their differences and the quest will be concluded.


Completing the Catch a Falling Star quest for Reth, players will receive Zeki’s Ship in a Bottle as a reward.

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