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Manor Lords: How to Get Vegetables



Manor Lords: How to Get Vegetables

Food is one of the basic necessities for your families/people in Manor Lords that you would have to prioritize getting right from the beginning of the game. You can build a farm to grow wheat to process it into bread, set up a Hunting Camp to hunt down wild animals, or you can allow families to produce various types of food in their backyard.

Having a Backyard Extension in the houses of the people can be very helpful throughout the game as it can be used for almost anything and one of them is to get various types of vegetables. As food consumption increases and the demand for different types of food items is required for upgrading the Burgage Plots of the people, it is best to have a vegetable extension in the backyard.

This guide will provide you with information on how to get vegetables in Manor Lords.

How to Get Vegetables in Manor Lords

Vegetables are one of the sources of food in Manor Lords and it is obtained from the Vegetable Garden extension in the backyard of a Level 1 Burgage Plot. To make the Vegetable Garden, you need to give a backyard extension to the Burgage Plot while building it. You can do that by simply making the Burgage Plot larger until it gets a Backyard Extension icon.

NOTE: Building a regular-sized Burgage Plot costs 2x Timber while building a Burgage Plot with a backyard costs 4x Timber.

It is better to make a larger backyard for the Vegetable Garden because it will yield a larger quantity of vegetables on each harvest. After placing down a Burgage Plot with a backyard, you need to assign the Vegetable Garden to its backyard. To do so, simply select the Burgage Plot to open up the Residential Menu and you will see a Hammer icon (Backyard Extension) on the top. Click on it and then select the Vegetable Garden to build it in the backyard for 15 Regional Wealth.

Keep in mind that Regional Wealth is the money of your people and town so if you are considering making several Vegetable Garden around your town, you must first generate Regional Wealth through trading. Trading will help you a lot in earning money and then you will be able to make Vegetable Garden and get vegetables.

Another great thing about vegetables is that their harvest action is a lot quicker than fields and they also grow during Winter so, you don’t have to ever worry about food for your people.

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