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Manor Lords: How to Increase Treasury



Manor Lords: How to Increase Treasury

Manor Lords includes various core factors for progressing into the game like generating Regional Wealth to upgrade the Burgage Plots, keeping your people happy by increasing Approval, and generating income through taxes to get Treasury so you can recruit a militia to defend the settlements and even expand to other regions.

However, getting a militia and expanding to other regions can cost a lot of money from the Treasury so, it is best to learn how to increase your Treasury. This guide will provide you with information on how to increase the Treasury in Manor Lords.

What is Treasury in Manor Lords

Treasury is the secondary currency or the main income of the Medieval Lord (players) that is used for recruiting Militia and Retinues and expanding to a new region to build another settlement. Getting yourself some Retinues or a militia is quite helpful in the first several hours of the playthrough. However, expanding to another region comes into play when you have successfully built a flourishing city.

How to Increase Treasury in Manor Lords

Treasury is mainly earned through taxing your people in the settlement. Players will be able to tax the people once they have reached Small Village Status and built a Manor which is pretty early in the game. Manor allows players to enact a percentage on various types of taxes which generate income in the Treasury per month.

However, enacting a tax rate of a high percentage will also bring down approval so you will have to be a little patient at the start. The best method to increase the Treasury is to increase the Approval so you can up the percentage of tax. You can achieve that by upgrading important structures like the Church and fulfilling the Amenities and Market Supply for the people.

Now, another thing that is worth mentioning is that Regional Wealth is crucial for generating the Treasury because without Regional Wealth your people can’t pay taxes. It is important that you first sustain a source of income for your people and the best way to do this is through trading.

Another way through which you can get a decent amount into the Treasury is through taking out the Bandits. When the Bandits attack your settlement, deploy the recruited Militia or Retinues to defend the settlement by taking out the bandits. Once you have successfully repelled the attack, you will get a choice of either sending the goods to the settlement (increase Regional Wealth) or adding it to the Treasury (increase Treasury).

The best option here is to always choose the Treasury only if you have built a flourishing system for trading to generate tons of Regional Wealth.

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