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Manor Lords: How to Tax People



Manor Lords: How to Tax People

Building a town for your people and providing them with all the necessities for their comfort is crucial to increasing your approval and their happiness in Manor Lords. However, the medieval land has several enemies around you who might just raid and loot all of the goods, leaving dead bodies of people behind and requiring you to redo all of the progress again.

This is where another crucial factor comes into play which requires the Treasury to hire militia for defense. As the treasury is the personal money of the medieval lord, you can only generate it by taxing people. This guide will walk you through how you can tax people in Manor Lords.

How to Tax People in Manor Lords

Taxing your people in Manor Lords will require you to build a Manor, an Administration Building. It is unlocked fairly early in the game by reaching Small Village Status and can be built using the following materials.

  • 5x Timber – Obtained from Logging Camp.
  • 20x Planks – Obtained from Sawpit.
  • 25x Stone – Obtained from Stonecutter Camp.

After building the Manor, select it to bring up its General menu and navigate to the Taxes Tab. Here, you will see all the different kinds of taxes that you will be able to enact. However, early in the game, you can only enact the Land Tax that is gathered from each building in the settlement.

To imply the tax, use the Plus and Minus symbols to set a percentage of tax you want your people to pay. Setting a low percentage will have a less effect on your Approval whereas, setting up a high percentage will have a high effect on it. The best amount for tax that you can set earlier in the game is 7% to 10%. It will be enough for you to generate enough money in the Treasury to recruit a decent militia.

TIP: it is recommended to first settle all of your families and provide them with a home and all the basic necessities to increase the Approval. Once the approval is above at least 50%, you can start taxing people as enacting a tax on people will lower a few points of your Approval.

However, you must level up the Church if you want to increase the tax rate by not affecting your approval rate. Leveling up the church gives you a decent boost in Approval and for the gained boost, you can enact an equal percentage of tax on your people to generate money in the Treasury quickly.

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