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Fallout 4: How to Complete the When Pigs Fly Quest



Fallout 4: How to Complete the When Pigs Fly Quest

Fallout 4 Next Gen Update is now live with all new quests for players to undertake and obtain all new Power Armor along with new weapons and Outfits. One of the newly added quests in Fallout 4 is When Pigs Fly requiring players to find two merchants and retrieve the blueprints for the launcher while protecting the merchant who originally designed the weapon.

This guide will walk you through each step of the When Pigs Fly quest in Fallout 4.

How to Complete the When Pigs Fly Quest in Fallout 4

How to Start the When Pigs Fly Quest

The When Pigs Fly Quest starts automatically when you load into the game after updating your game to Next Gen Update. You will see the quest pop-up for When Pigs Fly on the left side when you load in and if you aren’t following any quest at the moment, the quest marker will also be displayed on the map. However, you can also follow the quest through the Quests menu of your Pip-Boy.

Investigate the merchant workshop

As the quest begins, you need to visit and investigate the shop of a warring merchant named Suggs. Follow the quest marker on the map to reach the merchant and interact with the terminal in his shop. Here, you need to select Marvin’s Gone and Weapons Dealer in Monsignor Plaza entries to learn that another warring Merchant, Marvin has gone missing with the blueprints of the Pipe Launcher and took them to Monsignor Plaza to sell launchers to the raiders.

Visit the competing shop at Monsignor Plaza

Make your way to Monsignor Plaza and take out the raiders outside of the plaza before entering inside. As you enter inside, there will be several raiders in the plaza on each level. Take them out and then make your way ahead to the staircase with an arrow symbol pointing upward to reach the shop’s door. Destroy the turret and the enemies in the shop, and make your way inside the shop.

Read the store note

Go to the store’s counter to find Marvin’s Note and read it to figure out that Marvin is the one who stole the schematics for the launcher and moved to Monsignor Plaza to sell launchers to the raiders.

Find Marvin and retrieve the Schematics

Go out of the Monsignor Plaza and follow the objective marker to reach the roof of a building across Suggs’ Workshop. Go to the left side of the building to find a staircase leading to the roof. Be careful as you go up as there will be a couple of mines. You can either destroy them or disable them to reach the roof without even getting noticed.

Reach the roof and take out Marvin’s Store Security and Marvin. Marvin will be holding the Piggy Bank Fat Man launcher so avoid the flying pigs at all costs. Eliminate Marvin and loot his body to get Grenade Launcher Schematics.

Return the Schematics to Suggs

Marvin’s Store Security will be attacking Suggs across the street so, take them out from the roof and make your way down to his workshop to defend him. After dealing with all the threats nearby, go near Suggs to give him the schematics and the quest will be concluded.


Completing the When Pigs Fly quest rewards you with 299 XP and a Penetrating Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle weapon. Moreover, you can loot the Piggy Bank Fat Man launcher from Marvin as well.

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