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Palia: How to Complete the Proper Courtship Quest



Palia: How to Complete the Proper Courtship Quest

The Proper Courtship is a Romance Level 2 quest for Hassian in Palia. Players will get to pursue this quest once they have reached Romance Level 2 with Hassian. This guide will walk you through the Proper Courtship quest for Hassian in Palia.

How to Complete the Proper Courtship Quest in Palia

Starting the Quest

Upon reaching Romance Level 2 with Hassian, players will receive a letter from Hassian in the mail at the Housing Plot. Read the letter to initiate the quest. The letter will mention that he invited you to meet him late at night at his grove.

Meeting Hassian

Go to Hassian’s Grove late at night between 10 PM to 3 AM (in-game) time. Upon meeting Hassian, he will act strange. Go through the dialogues and then head back to the Housing Plot. As you reach the Housing Plot, Hassian will greet you there with a dead Palcat.

Once he leaves, go back to his grove to speak with him to learn why is he behaving like this. However, as you try to speak with him in his grove, he will force you to leave.

Figure out the Odd Behavior of Hassian

To figure out why Hassian is behaving oddly, you need to speak with Chayne. He will tell you to learn about Majiri Courtship. After speaking with Chayne, head to the Library and read the book on Majiri Courtship. You can find the book on the table on the right upon entering the library.

Gather the Midnight Lily

After reading the book, you need to gather a Midnight Lily for Hassian. To find the Midnight Lily, go to the designated area highlighted on the map. Go up to the hill south of Leafhopper Hills in Kilima Valley.

Upon finding the Midnight Lily, go and speak with Hassian to give him the Midnight Lily to conclude the quest.


Completing the Proper Courtship quest for Hassian will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 1x Heartdrop Lily
  • 25 Renown Points
  • Improved Romance with Hassian

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