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Farming Simulator 22: Fast travel, teleportation, is it possible?



Farming Simulator 22: Fast travel, teleportation, is it possible?

Farming Simulator 22 offers a large map, which can be very tedious to explore on foot or with a tractor (which has a rather low top speed, even after the implementation of improvements in the area of the drive unit). The developers have therefore thought of a couple of ways to teleport us to places of interest.

time travel

The first way is to quickly travel to the places marked on the map with a blue icon. These include shops, gas stations, railway stations, or plant stores. After clicking on them, an icon with the word “visit” will appear on the screen, which is responsible for the above-mentioned trip. It is completely free.

The second, very pleasant and quick way is the ability to switch between vehicles using the TAB key (in the PC version). If you have a lot of money and can afford to buy multiple tractors, leave each tractor close to the fields you visit frequently.

Either way, you cannot teleport to other locations by vehicle – even if you are in the tractor before fast travel.

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