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Farming Simulator 22: How to get water and fill animal tanks?



Farming Simulator 22: How to get water and fill animal tanks?

Some types of pens, such as a regular pasture for cows, do not have a built-in water feeder, thanks to which it is automatically refilled in the animal troughs. You will have to get and then take the water to the indicated place in person, and you will need the Joskin tank available in the shop in the “animals” category.


Once you have a reservoir, the first way to get water is to build a well on your farm. It is cheap, but that’s because each time you fill the tank with water costs money. Every 1000 liters costs EUR 100, so it’s better to use the second method …

River / lake

The game maps also show rivers and other water reservoirs that can be used as water for animals. As in the case of the pit, move your tank towards the lake here, and then drive into it in such a way that the spout of the attached tool is wet as much as possible. At some point, information about the possibility of filling the tank should appear on your screen.

Once you have water in the water tank, drive backward (preferably backward) to the pens where you need to refill the trough. Thanks to this, appropriate information about the possibility of unloading will appear on the screen.

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