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Farming Simulator 22: Bank, credit, where to take it, and how to pay it back?



Farming Simulator 22: Produce chopped material and silage for total mixed rations

Depending on which difficulty level you start in Farming Simulator 22, your bank account will be equipped with money on the sides or vice versa – there will be no broken penny on it. A bank that will allow you to take a loan comes to your aid.

After going to the game options, look at the “finances” tab. This is where you’ll review all your expenses as well as earnings. If you do not currently have money for the thing you are interested in, and you do not want to borrow it, because it will be useful to you many times during the game, you can take a loan by clicking on the space – one click causes you to borrow 5,000 euros from the bank.

Remember to pay off the loan as soon as possible. With each day in the game, the bank will charge you interest, which can reach up to half a percent of the amount borrowed. With large loans, these are really huge amounts.

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