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Farming Simulator 22: Poplars



Farming Simulator 22: Poplars

Poplars are one of the categories of plants in Farming Simulator 22. On this page, you will learn how to plant them, collect them with the forage harvester and how to transform them into wood chips, and sell them


The main feature of poplars is that they are maintenance-free. It is enough to plant them once and you can forget about them for a year and a half – the time it takes to grow. They do not require periodic work, fertilization, or replanting. Moreover, you can take care of them in the winter.

A special planter is used to plant poplars: Damcon PL-75 ( Forestry equipment tab ) – it is worth renting instead of buying it. You have to load the machine with a pallet with cuttings, available in the store – loading is automatic, you do not need to use a loader. You don’t have to do the plowing – you can plant in any field after harvest – the machine does the plowing itself. One pallet is enough to plant almost an entire hectare.

In the planter, you have the option of activating the option to create a new field. This way, you can plant poplars anywhere / on any strip of land. As they are “non-collision” (the vehicle runs through them like any other plant), you can use the free space to plant them.

If you choose to plant a poplar in a field, it will be planted every two rows by default (while the worker is doing the job). However, there is nothing to prevent him from planting again by positioning the tractor next to it to fill the empty belt.

You don’t have to do any work with the poplar trees. Ie. fertilizing the field or mulching before planting is activities that will bring no benefit. Poplars only need to be planted once – they will grow by themselves.


Harvesting with a tractor with a header

Nothing prevents you from harvesting poplars using a special forage harvester attached to the tractor ( Lacotec LH II, forage harvester tab ) with the correct poplar header ( New Holland 130FB, in the same tab). It is worth using a large tractor and weights on the rear wheels or wide wheels – the combination with the overlay weighs a lot.

Harvesting with a forage harvester

To harvest poplars, you need a forage harvester with the correct poplar header. It is not very profitable: the tractor does the work at the same pace and it is easier for it to maneuver with almost any trailer, which the forage harvester does not do so well.


In the Press tab, you will also find a special poplar press! You can use it immediately, right after purchase – just drive it across the field to automatically cut and press the bales. Disadvantage – bales are very small (2000l capacity). An attempt to hire employees to work with this machine will also prove to be a problem. Nevertheless, the harvesting is quite fast, and with a large width, it does not require a very strong machine or large investments.


When choosing a trailer, you can use almost any standard tipper. However, it is also worth considering sugar cane trailers (eg TT Colossus 10.000, ” Sugar cane cultivation technology” tab ) or a transshipment trailer (eg Hawe SUW 5000, ” Transshipment wagons” tab ).


Unlike in Farming Simulator 19, we do not sell chips at the sawmill or at the biogas plant – in the sawmill, you can pick up the chips when you deliver the wood to it – the chips will be a by-product. The list of chip purchase points and their prices can be viewed, as usual, in the Prices tab from the main menu.

Poplars take about 1.5 years to be ready for harvest. The yield is 75,000 liters/hectare (chips) with standard planting: you can double the yield per hectare by planting poplars a second time in the spaces between the strips.

Chips may only be stored on the ground or in a trailer. Chips are best sold in January at a price of around € 200 (average level of Economic Difficulty ).

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