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Farming Simulator 22: Trading, Market Prices, Fluctuations



Farming Simulator 22: Grow, harvest & store sugar cane

Before harvesting the crop, it is worth getting to know the market prices of individual plants. You do this by going to the menu, more specifically the price table in the market, where you will find all the raw materials you can sell – even bales or eggs.

After you hover over the item you are interested in, click on it to check the list of all the purchases that are interested in purchasing this plant. The current prices are given, which are updated with each month, and it is this element that you should pay the most attention to when trading.

Being at the list of purchases, it is enough to click on the space to check the price fluctuations in individual months. You will see a second table for the selected plant, which shows month by month the price per 1000 liters in each season.

Normally, if you see a green chart, the price will go up. In the case of red – to fall. So let’s plan what plants you sell when you sell.

In a nutshell: all grains and root crops are most profitable to sell in winter, between December and January - then you will get the most money for them.

If you don’t have a place to store them (although at the beginning of the game it shouldn’t be a problem, because a trailer is enough, on which you can keep, for example, oats throughout the fall and sell it in the winter for an exorbitant amount), go to the building screen and build any silo. The smallest ones, costing 50,000 euros, can fit 100,000 of one crop (you cannot mix oats and wheat, for example), so it is enough.

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