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Final Fantasy VII Remake- All achievements or trophies and get them



Final Fantasy VII Remake- All achievements or trophies and get them

In this guide, we show you the complete list of achievements or trophies for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, in addition to the INTERmission DLC. The list of achievements and trophies is updated to the new versions and PC.

  • Platforms: PC ( Epic ), PS4 and PS5.
  • Hours for 100%: 80 hours approx.
  • Games for 100%: 1 Game + Replay of chapters on Hard
  • Difficulty: Yes it influences.
  • Online Trophies / Achievements: No

I recommend playing in Normal for our first game, to master the combat system and incidentally get rid of an achievement. We will go more relaxed. We will have to repeat certain chapters for the trophy “There is no unworthy job” or “The best dressed” For this repetition of chapters, once we have finished, we will have to play hard. During chapters 3, 8, 9, and 14 we tend to have some freedom, and there are usually several related achievements, keep that in mind.

Achievements / TrophiesDescription
Master of destinyGet all trophies in the game
Ecoterrorist in the makingComplete Chapter 1
Escape through rubbleComplete Chapter 2
Home, poor homeComplete Chapter 3
Sleepless nightComplete Chapter 4
Plan EComplete Chapter 5
Lights out!Complete Chapter 6
Trap for ratsComplete Chapter 7
ReunionComplete Chapter 8
Three damsels of arms takeComplete Chapter 9
The Sewers of MidgarComplete Chapter 10
The haunted graveyardComplete Chapter 11
All for the causeComplete Chapter 12
Crushed dreamsComplete Chapter 13
In pursuit of hopeComplete Chapter 14
Blood sucking pizzaComplete Chapter 15
With out PRIVIOUSE appointmentComplete Chapter 16
Beyond the chaosComplete Chapter 17
The crossing of destinyComplete Chapter 18
Soldier DexterityFor having won your first fight
RuthlessFor having attacked an enemy’s weak point for the first time
Comrades in armsFor helping a pinned ally for the first time.
Handing out waxFor leaving an enemy vulnerable for the first time
Music loverFor having obtained three music tracks
Mercenary PinitosFor having finished your first assignment
One with his gunFor honing your skill with a weapon
Beginning lessonFor having leveled up a subject for the first time
Invoking, which is gerundFor having called a summon to combat for the first time.
No speed limitFor receiving praise from Jessie after the motorcycle ride (overcome the motorcycle ride with as little damage as possible in Chapter 4)
Where he puts the eye puts the dartFor having obtained the record score in the game of darts of The Seventh Heaven
Rider and mountFor having obtained the Summoning Materia of Chocobo and Moguri (Chapter 6)
Redistribution of assetsFor unlocking the delta safety lock on Mako Reactor # 5
Anti-stress methodFor having overcome all the challenges of the normal level of the box-breaker
Home in bloomFor having decorated the Fronda Home with a flower arrangement
Virtual invocationFor having defeated a Summon in combat for the first time
Leg routineFor having completed all the challenges of the squat duel
Queen of the trackFor having obtained a gift from Andreas as a reward for the dance.
Crowd favoriteCloset makeover
Best dressedFor having obtained all the models for the escort girl selection test.
Champion WoodFor having overcome all the challenges of the difficult level of the box puzzle.
Gym queenFor having completed all the challenges of the chin-up duel.
Guardian angelFor having received the letter from the Ángel de la Barriada.
Johnny’s lifeFor having witnessed all the events related to Johnny.
There is no unworthy workFor having completed all the orders (26 orders in total)
Music collectorFor having collected all the music tracks.
High-flying rebelFor having raised a character to level 50.
Fight without truceFor having dealt 300% damage to a vulnerable enemy.
Well informedFor having completed all combat reports.
Unrivaled expertiseFor having learned all weapon skills.
In the enemy’s skinFor having learned all the enemy skills.
Soap for that little mouthFor having defeated a molbol.
The ultimate weaponFor having defeated the Royal Jewel Prototype.
Legendary heroFor having completed all the chapters of the story on the hard difficulty level.

INTERmission DLC Achievements / Trophies:

Achievements / TrophiesDescription
Infiltrators in MidgarComplete Chapter 1 of INTERmission
Lonely flightComplete Chapter 2 of INTERmission
The road to revengeFor having completed both chapters of INTERmission on the hard difficulty level.
For having obtained all the posters of El Paraíso de las TortugasFor having obtained all the posters for El Paraíso de las Tortugas.
Undisputed championFor having defeated the champion of Fort Condor.
Condor QueenFor defeating the champion of Fort Condor on the hard difficulty level.
RawhunterFor having obtained all the accessible materials through Shinra’s box puzzle.
The semi-final weaponFor defeating the Royal Jewel Prototype β.
Down with the emperorFor defeating Weiss the Unsullied.

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