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Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 could resurrect one of its characters



Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 could resurrect one of its characters

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 could change the fate of one of the worst-ending characters in the first game: look at Kitase’s reaction.
Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 could change one of the more dramatic moments of the first part (the one that came out last year on PS4, and is coming soon to PS5 as FF VII Remake Intergrade ). Last week, producer Yoshinori Kitase spoke about Final Fantasy at the Play! Play! Play! from Japan. Above all, he left details about the news of this version of PS5.

However, Kitase was asked about one of the worst characters to end his adventure in the first game … and his reaction is quite suspicious. Obviously, if you have not passed the game, you may prefer to look the other way, because from now on there will be spoilers.

Beware of SPOILERS! Final warning.

In this clip, subtitled by Twitter user @aitaikimochi, they are talking about Jessie, one of the Avalanche mercenaries whose role is greatly increased compared to the original PlayStation. He even has a chapter that revolves around his past, in which we visit his mother in the Midgar suburbs. However, later in the story, we see her die during a battle on the sector 7 pillar.

But what if she was still alive? That’s what many fans expect, who were dazzled by the character. And when the host of the stream suggests she’s alive, Kitase gets a nervous laugh, saying ” I can’t answer that .”

If she really was still dead, why would she get so nervous? The truth is that even the game itself leaves clues that it is still alive: in a scene at the end, we see that Biggs, another member of Avalanche who apparently died in the explosion of the pillar, is still alive, recovering in a bed. And on a table next to her we see Jessie’s gloves, which would confirm that, at least, they found her in the rubble of sector 7.

In the original game, Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge are killed in the pillar explosion. In the remake, in addition to altering many other elements of the original, Biggs and Wedge survive. Why wouldn’t Jessie do it too?

In June 2020, Erica Lindbeck, voice actress for Jessie in FF VII Remake, said. she knew nothing of a return of her character in the sequel. However, I would be delighted to reprise the character. “I’ve come to accept the fact (or more than the fact, the idea) that if this is the end of Jessie, that’s fine. Her death was very shocking. In any case, I feel very lucky to have been a part of something. So”.

Remember, Final Fantasy VII Intergrade will be out on PS5 on June 10, with technical improvements for the new console, and a new chapter with Yuffie. FF VII Remake Part 2 does not have a release date, although it will come out after Final Fantasy XVI, and probably after Forspoken as well.

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