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First errors on PS5: console freezes in sleep mode and problems with the download queue



Sony launches beta for the console that allows the installation of external cards

Some users have already reported some bugs in PS5 after its official launch in many countries yesterday. The console sometimes freezes.

PS5 is already available in a large number of territories and, as with previous generations, problems with some of the consoles have already started to appear. Although there does not seem to be a large majority of cases, some failures have been known.

With the arrival of the first PS5s in homes around the world, players have begun to play and report problems with the console. Sleep mode seems to cause errors, as does the download queue.

With regard to the problems of freezing images, several users claimed that the console had frozen while they had game sessions with titles such as Astro’s Playroom, Demon’s Souls and also with Miles Morales.

On Reddit, several players were discussing this problem and trying to solve the origin of it. It seems that the failure occurs when the console goes into sleep mode, although others think it might be due to the use of the console’s rear USB ports and LAN cable after the initial setup of the console.

In addition, IGN reported a problem related to the PS5 download queue, where basically, the games selected for downloading are left in limbo. In the PS5 library, they are shown as being owned by the player, but in the PS Store, they are required to be purchased and are not downloaded.

The first few days are always very busy for the consoles, so we hope that any errors, bugs, and bugs will be fixed quickly. These issues also apply to Xbox, with some Xbox Series X buyers claiming that the console comes with loose screws, for example.

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