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Fortnite will be updated to version 13.40 on August 4 or 5



Fortnite: When will the new update 13.40 be released?

The arrival of a new update to Fortnite is always accompanied by huge expectations on the part of the community about the new content that Epic Games can introduce in its proposal to give a twist to its gameplay; hopes that would have intensified enormously in recent days regarding the 13.40 patch for a very concrete reason: the eagerly awaited arrival of the New Cars of Season 3.

When Epic Games announced that the release of these vehicles would be delayed, it was more than logical that our eyes would be on Fortnite’s 13.40 patch, as it would be the perfect opportunity for the company to land the cars on the game Island and re-extol the community’s desire to enjoy its content.

However and considering that the latter are nothing more than speculation, the first thing we would have to know would be the date when the next patch 13.40 will arrive at Fortnite. Fortunately, the dataminers community has delved into the lines of the game’s code to discover that Epic Games is already testing this update and, above all, that it will most likely be released on Tuesday or Wednesday next week (August 4 or 5), as the insider known as Ifiremonkey on Twitter said:

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