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Forza Horizon 5: 4K and 30 FPS on Xbox Series X, ray tracing only outside of racing



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Speaking with Mike Brown, Creative Director of Forza Horizon 5, as well as a key figure of Playground Games, we had confirmation that Forza Horizon 5 will run on Xbox Series X in 4K and 30 FPS. To get to 60 frames per second it will be necessary to give up some graphic detail. Ray tracing, on the other hand, should only be available on cars in their own garage, i.e. outside racing.

In our preview of the gameplay shown at the Xbox Gamescom Show, 2021 of Forza Horizon 5 Pierpaolo Greco has managed to deepen one of the aspects that most interest players, namely the graphic aspect of the game. The Playground Games product seemed immediately a technically superb game, able to showcase the potential of the Xbox Series X, but also of the “little S”, the old one, and above all the more performing PCs.

On these latest machines, the resolution and frame rate limits will obviously be given by the technical characteristics of the single gaming station. On Xbox Series X, Forza Horizon 5 will run in 4K and 1080p on Xbox Series S and Xbox One. In all cases, except on computers, everything will be anchored at 30 FPS. A performance mode will then be available to run the title at 60 FPS, clearly with undefined repercussions on the graphic quality to date.

According to Brown’s words, moreover, in Forza Horizon 5 ray tracing will be used only to manage the reflections on the shiny surfaces of the cars while you are inside your home and therefore in your garage or in the Festival square, let’s suppose during the choice of events and selection of cars; in short, the ray-tracing will be there only outside the real races. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether this lighting management mode will always be active or whether it will depend on the graphics mode selected.

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