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Future Games Show Clarifies Controversial Video Involving Diablo IV Developers



Future Games Show Clarifies Controversial Video Involving Diablo IV Developers

In late May 2023, an incident unfolded involving the Future Games Show YouTube channel and their release of a video featuring lead developers of Diablo IV responding to questions from the community. This video sparked controversy as it was discovered that the usernames of individuals who posed questions either did not exist or had not made any prior posts on social media platforms.

On May 30, four days after the video’s publication, the creators of the Future Games Show YouTube channel provided an explanation regarding the situation. They asserted that the questions posed were indeed real, with some individuals requesting to remain anonymous. To accommodate this, the video creators replaced the names of these users with randomly generated pseudonyms.

Certain members of our community and our team opted for anonymity when submitting their questions. In order to respect their wishes, we decided to alter their names and the platforms from which they posed their queries.

We generated new pseudonyms using a randomization process. Subsequently, it came to our attention that a few of these pseudonyms corresponded to actual accounts, albeit inactive ones with limited engagement from subscribers. These individuals have no connection to the production of this video.

Regrettably, we neglected to disclose this information in the video, and for any resulting confusion, we extend our sincere apologies.

Future Games Show team

The Future Games Show YouTube channel acknowledges that the questions featured in the controversial video were authentic, albeit with altered usernames to protect the anonymity of certain individuals. They apologize for any confusion caused by the omission of this detail and emphasize that the questions were not validated by Activision Blizzard or the Diablo IV developers prior to the interview.

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