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Gal * Gun Returns canceled for Xbox One due to failure to “ensure consistency”



Gal * Gun Returns canceled for Xbox One due to failure to "ensure consistency"

Here we bring you some surprising news related to GalGun Returns. Apparently, Inti Creates has decided to cancel the Xbox One version of GalGun Returns.

The game is still on its way to Nintendo Switch and the most surprising thing is the explanation given about the cancellation of the Microsoft console version. In a statement, the developer shares that they have not been able to “ensure consistency of experience across all platforms” after talking to Microsoft and despite the fact that this version had already completed its development process.

As a remastering of the original GalGun, we wanted to strive to stay true to the spirit of the first installment of the GalGun series, and although the development of the Xbox version was complete and the master ROM under review, after productive discussion with Microsoft, it became clear that we could not guarantee consistency of experience across all platforms. As a result, we have decided to refocus on Nintendo Switch and PC for the upcoming release of Gal*Gun Returns.

Thus, it seems that Gal*Gun Returns will only be released on Nintendo Switch and Steam (on PC) as the only two platforms where the game will be released on January 28, 2021 in Japan and Asia, while the West will receive the game in 2021.

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