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GameStop has entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft against losses



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GameStop and Microsoft have announced that they are launching a multi-year strategic partnership to develop the technology base of their stores and improve customer interaction.

In the future, the entire infrastructure of GameStop services, including the “backend” and programs used in the retail outlets themselves, will run on Dynamics 365 cloud solutions. Thanks to this, the company’s employees will have constant access to accurate information about the availability and prices of products, as well as details about the preferences of specific customers.

In addition, store employees will get Microsoft Surface devices to use while they work, and they will start using the 365 and Teams apps across the network to improve efficiency.

GameStop will also continue to distribute Xbox consoles under the All Access leasing program. Since Microsoft has closed most of its retail stores, this will help the company continue to attract users to the Xbox ecosystem.

Despite the fact that GameStop remains one of the largest gaming networks with five thousand outlets worldwide, The company has been suffering losses since 2018 and is trying to reduce costs and optimize the business. The chain lost $ 673 million in 2018 and $ 470 million in 2019.

Against the background of financial problems, the company had to seriously reduce the staff of the Game Informer magazine, which it owns: almost half of the employees were laid off in the summer of 2019. Later, several other key employees, including the editor-in-chief, left the publication.

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