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Western Digital Announces New NVMe SSD with PS5 Support, Starting at $149.99



Western Digital has announced a new line of NVMe SSD, fast enough to be PS5 compatible, starting at $149.99.

The manufacturer of hard drives and storage products, Western Digital, has unveiled a new line of SSD products, solid-state drives, which will be compatible with Sony’s new console, PS5.

Just yesterday Sony showed how we can change the external storage units (we will have to unscrew the console to find the slot).

Unlike Microsoft, which will launch its own line of SSD cards, from Seagate, Sony has not (yet) announced a line of SSD specifically for PS5. We will be able to use SSD, solid-state drives, from different manufacturers, as long as they are compatible with the required speed of PS5, 5,500 MB/s.

Western Digital’s drive, the WD Black SN850 NVMe SSD, is its first Gen4 SSD, with read and write speeds of 7,000/5,300 MB/s. There will be 500 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB models, at 149.99/151.99, 229.99/266.99, and 449.99/525.99 euros/dollars respectively.

For PCs, they also announced the WD Black AN1500 drive, which connects via a PCIe slot, as a graphics card.

Previously, Samsung Electronics had already presented its own SSD with a similar speed, which could also be compatible with PS5. Hopefully, they will soon clarify which units will be able to be used and which will work better to expand the 825 GB that the console will have.

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