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Garten of Banban 3 Walkthrough



Garten of Banban 3: Full Game Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the full game walkthrough of Garten of Banban 3.

Full Game Walkthrough

As you start the New Game, you will have to advance through time by clicking the Clock on the bottom right of your screen. Once you have past the time when you see drawings on the floor, the game will start. You will start off on a crashed elevator and you will be given a little tutorial. After learning the key binds and listening to the dialogues, you will have to collect 2 Batteries for your Remote.

You can find one Battery at the reception “Information Kiosk” and the other one on the higher surface on the left side of the room. Once you have collected 2 Batteries, you will be able to open the green locked door with your Drone (Toy). Press the Left Mouse Button on two Red Switches on the side of the door to unlock the door.

Cable Car Keycard Puzzle

As you enter the room, you will see a number of drawings on the floor and you will be told that you need a Keycard to operate the Cable Car. Now, you will have to get the Keycard to progress ahead. You need to pick up 8 Oddities (Crayons) in the room and then go to the other end of the room to find a Marked Hole. You need to interact with the hole to toss all of the Oddities. There will be a Yellow Keycard for Floor 3 right in front of the Marked Hole so, make sure to pick up that as well. However, it is not one for the Elevator. After tossing all of the crayons, you need to press the yellow button on the left side of the marked hole. It will call out a Kleaner that will check for any left oddities in the room. Once the room has been checked, you will be given the Purple Keycard for the Elevator.

Cable Car Keycard Puzzle

Aqua Sector

After getting the Purple Keycard, go back to the main room and go to the Purple Cable Car at the end of the room and access the Cable Car. It will take you to the Aqua Sector. Once you have reached the Aqua Sector, press the Right Mouse Button to teleport your drone to Aqua Sector. Now, you need to break the Yellow Glass to get inside the room. In order to do that, press the Left Mouse Button on the Yellow Glass to make your drone break the glass.

Now, go inside the room and collect the Orange Keycard from the table. Go out of the room and go ahead to the Orange Door ahead. Interact with the Keycard Reader to insert the Orange Keycard and go ahead. You will see the Stinger Flynn monster in the room. Keep going ahead until you reach a staircase that will take you to the “Communication Kiosk”. There will be a switch behind the board that you need to press. You will get to talk to Stinger Flynn and after that, you will get teleported to Beach.

garten of banban

Stinger Flynn (1st Flashback)

You will have to listen to the conversation of Stinger Flynn and then you will get to play as Stinger Flynn. You need to pick up the Green Keycard near the palm trees and then head up the stairs to the canons. Interact with the device in the middle to start the timer and you will have to shoot the Switches on the wall when they turn red. Press the Right Mouse Button to shoot lightning on the switches.

Once all the buttons are pressed under the time limit, a door will be opened. Go inside the door and insert the Keycard. Now, go out of the room and go straight to exit through the opened door. You will get to talk to the Slow Seline monster and you will come out of the Flashback.

Stinger Flynn (1st Flashback)

Toadster’s Jail

You will wake up in Toadster’s Jail area and you will have to catch 10 Criminals and put them in Jail. The Criminals will be Pink Basket with Eyes. You need to pick all of them in the area and when you go into the Boss Room, there will be a hidden switch under his table. Press the button to lower the platforms. Jump on the platforms and you will get to grab a Tape.

After picking up all the Criminals, put them in jail to get the Blue Keycard. Now, go up the stairs and interact with the Switch. You need to jump on the lights to get all the way to the other side. Once you have reached the other side, interact with the switch and then go back by jumping the same way you came. The door will be unlocked and when you go through the door, you will be back in Aqua Sector.

Toadster’s Jail

After listening to the conversation, access the cable car and go straight from Aqua Sector to reach the Medical Sector. Open the door and go inside the Medical Sector to reach one of the opened rooms.

Nabnaleena Puzzle

You will have to perform surgery on Nabnaleena. It is a bit tricky to perform the surgery correctly so here is the complete solution to Nabnaleena Puzzle.

  • You need to press the “Start Procedure” button.
  • Interact with Nabnaleena to lay him down and then press the Red Switch on the wall with the drone.
  • Go to the table and grab Surgical Tongs and change the colors of the pipes to Green.
  • Now, grab the Remote and press the other Red Switch on the wall.
  • Grab the Syringe and press the correct combination of colors to make the required color of liquid on the screen.
  • After that, inject the liquid in Nabnaleena and press the Red Switch on the wall.
garten of banban

These are all the steps that you need to but you will have to do them 3 – 4 times in total until a closet opens nearby the procedure button. You will get an audio disk from the closet and after that, leave the room and go back to the Cable Car to go back to Aqua Sector. Enter the Yellow Door with Yellow Keycard and insert the Audio Disk into the machine. Nabnaleena will meet Nabnab outside Blue Door and after that, you need to go to the Cable Car where you will meet Stinger Flynn.

Stinger Flynn (2nd Flashback)

After talking to Stinger Flynn, you will be teleported to Dessert. You will be in a car with a bunch of monsters and after the conversation with Stinger Flynn, you will get to play as Stinger Flynn again. You need to go straight down the hallway and press the button to open up the door. Go inside the door and press the Four Red Switches to make a platform ahead. Go ahead and then press the first switch. You will see four Red Switches moving.

You need to press the switches in order to activate the next switch. Now, activate the second switch and the speed of the Red Switches will increase. Press the Red Switches again in order to activate the third switch. Now, activate the third switch and the switches will start to move very fast. However, you still have to press them in order so, press all the switches and a new platform will be created. Go ahead on the platform and press the switch to open the green door.

garten of banban3

Jumbo Josh Lounge

You will wake up in Jumbo Josh Lounge and you will have to find a way out without the Jumbo monster finding out. After the conversation, you need to interact with four squares blocking an entrance to the room to remove the squares. Now, enter the room and pick up 2 Red Squares. Now, place back the four squares in the following order.

  • Grey
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

If you don’t place them in the order they were in then Jumbo will find out about your movement in the Lounge. Now, go to the opened room on the left side and place 1 Red Square at the starting point and place the other Red Square on top of two Green Squares at the ending point. Now, jump on the squares to reach the ledge and grab 1 Red Square. Now, take back both of the red squares and go inside the next room by interacting with the switch.

Now, place the squares in a way to jump on the other squares to reach the ledge and grab 1 red square. Take back all of the placed red squares again and about this time, the Jumbo will be returning. If the light changes colors, it means Jumbo is returning. Quickly go back to your seat and wait for him to go. Once he is gone, open the last room by interacting with the switch and place the red squares to jump over the Green Squares to go inside the room.

Now, use the Drone to press the Red Switches you need to place the Red Squares on the marks and then jump off of the squares to press the switch to activate the other switches. Once you have activated and pressed all four Red Switches, you will get the Green Keycard.

garten of banban3

Now, go out of the room and press the “End Training” switch and exit through the Green Door ahead. Follow the white monster back to the start of the game and she will go up from the elevator.

Progressive Sector

Now, call the Cable Car by interacting with the switch and go to the Progressive Sector. Go through the Green Door and you will see a number of Switches on two walls. You need to press the following button on the Left Wall.

  • 1st Switch in 1st Row.
  • 2nd Switch in 2nd Row.
  • 5th Switch in 3rd Row.
  • 3rd Switch in 4th Row.

Press the following Switches on the Right Wall.

  • 4th Switch in 1st Row.
  • 1st Switch in 2nd Row.
  • 3rd Switch in 3rd Row.
  • 4th Switch in 4th Row.

The Big Green Gate will open and you will have to go through the door and interact with the switch to go through the rest of the Green Doors. There will be a number of Green Doors that you will have to go so, keep interacting with the switches and keep going through the doors.

garten of banban3

Tamataki & Chamataki Boss Fight

Eventually, you will reach an area where you will get to fight Tamataki & Chamataki. One of them attacks with its Tongue and one of them shoots a ball. You need to avoid their attacks either by jumping on the area on the right or left. You need to teleport your drone in by pressing the Right Mouse Button. You need to order a drone to activate the red switch above the right and left areas. They will drop a firework that you have to place on the tongue of the monster.

The monster will only attack with the tongue in the middle area so, you will have to bait him to attack you with the tongue and then jump on the other side and then come back to place the firework on its tongue. You will have to place 4 Fireworks in total on its tongue to defeat the boss.

Tamataki & Chamataki Boss Fight

Once you have defeated the monster, go to their side and grab two cone hats. Now, go back through the chain of Green Doors and place the Cone Hats on the robot named “Mr. Kabob Man”. You need to press the switch on Mr. Kabob from the side and get back immediately. Otherwise, it will not go forward. So, keep pressing the buttons from either side and you will get a Silver Card on your way to the next door. Once you have reached another door, you will see a bird monster.

Pick up the monster and the green door will open. A big bird monster will come out and you need to jump on the bird monster to ride it. Now, go through the green door and press the switch.

Evil Banban Chase

You will get to talk with Stinger Flynn for the last time and he will release the Evil Banban behind you. You need to run through a number of doors on the bird monster’s back until you reach a closed room. Go up the stairs and Evil Banban and Stinger Flynn will get in a fight with the Jumbo Monster. Now, press the switch and go through the door to reach the Elevator with the baby bird monster and activate the Elevator.

Evil Banban Chase

The game will end as you go down from the Elevator and it also concludes the Full Game Walkthrough Guide.

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