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Genshin Impact has generated over $393 million in revenue since its launch



Genshin Impact has generated over $393 million in revenue since its launch

Genshin Impact is one of the most successful games in terms of revenue. The title, which is less than half a year old, has already made $393 million in profits.

Those fans who are following the path of Genshin Impact since it arrived to PS4, PC, and mobile devices will be used to this kind of news. Since this free-to-play was launched, we have not stopped registering headlines with great figures and results, but once again, they have been surpassed.

MiHoYo’s title has exceeded all expectations and will continue to be a hit in terms of success. Its profit figures already place it in a privileged position. Almost $400 dollars in just two months.

According to the statistical portal Sensor Tower, Genshin Impact has made $393 million in profits since its launch at the end of September. The free game has been a great success and is now in second place in terms of revenue, just ahead of PUBG Mobile.

Of this figure, more than $120 million comes from China, representing 30.5% of the total. However, other countries such as Japan are close behind with 98 million or the United States with 74 million. The Apple App Store had the largest investment of players with over 226 million dollars and Google Play accounted for 167 million.

Even with these impressive figures, the income from the game has dropped a little compared to previous weeks. Despite this “drop”, the average income per day is 5 million dollars, something really considerable.

However, this news should not come as a surprise, as it has been expected for a long time. Genshin Impact continues to be the most popular digital game in October. It seems that there is content for a while, the story of Genshin Impact will probably take several years to complete, said its developer.

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