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“Gotham Knights is by no means a service game”: action details from WB Montreal



"Gotham Knights is by no means a service game": action details from WB Montreal

In an interview. the staff of WB Montreal, the creative director and lead producer of the upcoming Gotham Knights, which was presented at DC FanDome after a series of teasers.

The director shared details about various aspects of the game, noting that they focused on the plot and co-op, and there will be no service model in the action. We chose the main thing from the conversation.

  • Gotham Knights was originally conceived as a complete story. You can go through it alone and without connecting to the network from start to finish – so users will not lose anything, the developers assure.
  • The action does not support more than two players in co-op, as otherwise, all locations would have to be reworked for four superheroes. As it stands, the world is suitable for both singleplayer and pairing.
  • There is nothing from “games-services” in Gotham Knights, according to WB Montreal. They are not promoting it as a “content platform”, although they understand why some players might think so.

This game is by no means a service game. It has a completely different design. Yes, there is a large “skill tree”, different for each character; Yes, there is crafting of items of equipment – players will constantly need to make such decisions on pumping. But that doesn’t mean it’s a service game.

Fleur Marty
Senior Producer, Gotham Knights

  • The entire campaign can be completed by choosing only one of the “Knights” – if the players prefer the fighting style inherent in this or that character. Although you can always change the hero at the base, in the Belfry.
  • The co-op is built so that different characters complement each other in battles due to different abilities. But you can also choose two Batgirl or two Nightwing.
  • How much the combat system is similar to that in Batman Arkham, the developers do not specify. But they promise that anyone familiar with brawler-action games will get comfortable quickly.

The differences will most likely be in terms of which buttons are responsible for special moves and other abilities. But there will be different methods of attack and defense, a large selection of combos and their variations, and long-range weapons can be combined with melee attacks.

I think that the whole system will be quite convenient for everyone who has played modern adventure third-person brawler action games.

Patrick Redding
Creative Director, Gotham Knights

  • The entire map in Gotham Knights is open from the very beginning – there are no “walls” in the form of high-level enemies, especially for which you need to pump, in the world.
  • The levels of the opponents perform rather a “strategic function” – the enemies can be slightly weaker or slightly stronger than the main characters. Based on the level and type of villain, players will be able to choose the best approach to a particular combat situation.
  • Each character has three main equipment slots – melee weapon, ranged weapon and costume. The individual elements and accessories of the costume will allow for customization – but their customization is limited by the overall style that the player chooses.
  • The game will not have a cycle of day and night in the usual sense – the direct action of Gotham Knights unfolds at night. Daytime – the periods between missions when the heroes are in the Bell Tower

The game takes place over many nights, and you spend your days in the Bell Tower. This base is one of the most important elements of the game.

You go back there, analyze all the clues that you found at night, chat with Alfred, create your own equipment and prepare for the next night.

Fleur Marty
Creative Director, Gotham Knights

  • At their base, characters will appear without costumes and communicate with each other in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • WB Montreal did not base their game on a particular comic book series – they were inspired by many works and borrowed elements for a completely original storyline.
  • Gotham Knights was not originally going to make part of the Batman Arkham universe – the developers needed a “blank slate” on which to build their own franchise.

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