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GTA Online modders threaten players with hacks and even real SWAT raids



GTA Online modders threaten players with hacks and even real SWAT raids

GTA Online continues to be harassed by hackers and modders. Players report abuse and attacks of all kinds, from DDoS and even actual SWAT raids.

Pretty much since its launch, Rockstar has had to deal with a host of issues with GTA Online. Especially in its PC version, cheaters, modders, and hackers circumvent the security of the game and are dedicated to tormenting the players of the multiplayer title.

Recent reports have returned to focus on this problem, which has not yet received a clear solution. GTA Online modders have returned to the fray with techniques that are most damaging to the game community.

As reported by accounts like thebrickprince, new mods in the form of malicious menus have flooded GTA Online. In short, these menus allow for the falsification of the name and ID of the players so that they cannot be reported and identified by Rockstar.

From then on, hackers and modders can harass a player using DDoS attacks, distributed denial of service, which basically prevent players from enjoying GTA Online. However, this is not the most dangerous.

Apart from denying access to a PC, the personal information of players can also be obtained, which makes it possible to know, for example, the address of a user. This is followed by a call in which a SWAT team may intervene and break into a player’s home after they have been warned of alleged criminal activity. A “joke” that has become very fashionable in recent years.

Hopefully, a solution to these problems is found. For now, GTA Online continues to receive content to continue our life in Los Santos. Additionally, GTA Online and Red Dead Online already celebrate Christmas with special events.

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