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Hideo kojima has become the second most discussed person on Russian Social media after putin



Microsoft signed a letter of intent with Hideo Kojima's studio

“You might be familiar with the fact that for a previous game that I did, we had a specification that we called ‘Transfarring’ where you could take the saved data from the PS Vita and move it over to the PS3 and back and forth like that,” Kojima told IGN. “I believe [Switch] is an extension of that idea. The fact you can play something at home and take it outside, this is the gamer’s dream. The Switch is an evolution of that.” added Kojima.

If you’re fond of playing games you must hear the name of Hideo Kojima. Hideo Kojima is a Japanese video game designer, writer, director and producer. Regarded as an auteur of video games, he developed a strong passion for action/adventure cinema and literature during his childhood and adolescence. he has won The Game Award – Industry Icon Award. Hideo kojima’s famous work is Death stranding. Death stranding is of the famous games around the world.

No doubt, Hideo Kojima is the famous game developer in the world. Today, we’re going to tell you his fame. You probably read his messages on Twitter but this time we’ll tell how he has become famous on Russian Social media VK.

VK is a Russian online social media and social networking service based in Saint Petersburg. VK is available in numerous languages but it is predominantly used by Russian-speakers. According to the official Hideo Kojima has been included among the most discussed persons on VK. Here is the surprising fact, Hideo Kojima takes second position in the list after Russian president Vladimir Putin. In total, his name was mentioned by users 4 million times. Only the Russian president Putin won the title of the most discussed person on VK. His name was mentioned 12 million times.

Putin is a Russian President and Vk is also a Russian Social media. It doesn’t sound weird that he has become the most discussed personality. Hideo Kojima belongs to Japan and he has become the second most discussed personality on Russian Based Social Media, It sounds weird.


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