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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Cast Spells



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Cast Spells

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG set in the Harry Potter world where players will be able to experience the lifestyle and much more things in Hogwarts. One of the most important things in the game is spells which will players learn and then cast spells on different items or even enemies. It is very important to learn how to cast the spells because players will have to cast them almost in every activity in the Hogwarts and outside of Hogwarts.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Cast Spells in Hogwarts Legacy,

Learning New Spells

Players will be learning new Spells right from the beginning of the game. Each time you get to learn a new spell, you will have to complete a mini-game of learning that spell. In the mini-game, you will see the name and the shape that you have to move your character’s hand in to fully learn the spell. While moving in the specific shape, you will also have to press the required buttons to speed up the hand movement of your character. It is because there will be a red light following right behind your progression in the learning of a new spell.

You will have to complete the learning of the spell before the red light catches your progression otherwise, you will have to start over again.

Learning New Spells

Casting Spells

Once you have learned the spells, they will be stored in your Spell Diamond. There are four different spell slots in the Spell Diamond and each spell slot holds 4 different spells inside it. Meaning, you can hold 16 different spells in your Spell Diamond.

In order to cast the Spell, you will have to press the R2/RT and then press the required button of your allocated spell slot in your spell diamond. The essential spells are cast by pressing the directional buttons on the D-Pad. Essential Spells are useful in the environment such as Revelio or Lumos.

There is a total of 31 Spells in Hogwarts Legacy that players can learn. New Spells can be learned by completing the main quests and side quests of the game.

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